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What is Product Photography and why is it Important for Your Online Business

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Whenever we talk about product photography for e-commerce businesses, we think about the investment. We usually give more importance to the physical product rather than product photographs. But, it can only be perfect in some ways like that; good product photography is a must for e-commerce businesses. Here we recommend you add more investment in photography. High-quality product photos bring success where a low budget is not acceptable.

Indeed, a big budget can allow for getting high-quality photographs. With a low budget, you usually hire a low-performance studio and a professional photographer. However, it is responsible for a bad-quality image. As you aim to make a brand, you should not compromise on product photography. It would help if you did not share a bad-quality product photograph because it can minimize your brand. However, here we will share a guide about product photography with a great collaboration.

What is Product Photography?

Product photography is a picture of a product that helps to sell the product very confidently. For an offline or online business, it’sit’s a vital need. It’sIt’s a medium of communication between the sellers and shoppers. People do product photography to promote their businesses. In this digital age, customers are conscious of shopping. Before placing an order for a product, they check again and again to find any fault. That is why; all entrepreneurs have a mindset for excellent product photography.

Why is Product Photography Such a Great Factor?

Good product photography is a significant factor in promising an online business. All your investment can go into dogs if you don’t take a proper step in photography. It evaluates your brands. There is numerous brand, but which one is best for you that is the fact. For instance, you may elaborate on your business fashion products, footwear, glass wear, jewelry, beauty, and food product. You have to work with each part.  

Currently, customers are used to shopping the product photographs presented from different angles. Some like to place an order with lifestyle photographs or group photographs. 

Basics of E-commerce Garment Photography

Garment product photography is an important segment for improving the garment business. Both photography and image post-processing is essential. Potential shoppers want an apparel image with neutral or white background, free from ghost mannequins, exact color, lifestyle, and perfect sizing. In garment product photography, you should be conscious of photographing with multiple angles and shots. Among them, you should outsource the perfect photo that helps you to get effective results.


Colorful product image makes the difference between huge sales and low sales. You should know the perfect color choice. According to a recent survey, about 81.3% of shoppers placed their first order by seeing perfect color-based images. It proves the product’sproduct’s reality. It would help if you contributed to high-quality photography to get the best result in garment product photography. Here you have to photograph with high-quality photography gear.

Neutral Background or White Background

All kinds of shoppers like to shop by professional-based product images. But what kinds of images are regarded as professional? The images are correctly edited, and their background will be neutral or white color. The neutral or white color background makes the subject impressive. However, you must know the uses of white or neutral color backgrounds. To make the best response in getting vivid images, you should be creative in choosing the right background for your garments products.

Lighting Conditions: 

The image light is an excellent factor for great-looking garment products. Low light damages the image quality. Even you will only get the potential response if you can match the light of your photos. During garment product photography, you should do photography with natural light. However, if it is not possible, you may use studio light. You need to increase your budget to get the perfect studio lighting setup. The adequately lighted photo gives perfect results in image post-processing.

Image Post-processing: 

Sometimes product photography becomes only applicable if you are interested in image post-processing. Although you have greatly needed it, you have used all the formalities in product photography. During photography, we make common mistakes, like messy backgrounds, dust, unmatched color, etc. Anyhow you have to remove these problems.

Image post-processing works for enhancing and correcting the photos. And it gives them a professional look. By image post-processing, you can add different backgrounds using our clipping path service and background removal service, removing mannequins, product photo retouching, and so on. 

You can create your house studio for photography and post-processing or hire a professional photo post-processing company instead of doing it yourself. It is costlier than making a studio. And you can get your preferable quality by hiring professionals. 

What Need For Product photography? 

For the Garment product, you have to hire professional photography and photo editing company. Again, you can build and own a house studio where you should have the following:

  • High-Quality DSLR Camera
  • Regular and Macro lenses
  • Tripod or a camera stand
  • Lighting sources
  • Light diffuser
  • Different kinds of backdrop
  • Mannequin or Model
  • A photo editing software
  • A place to set up the studio

Garment Product and Its Accessories:

For garment product photography, you should be sensitive about cleaning the product. You must prepare the product adequately to minimize your time in image enhancement. Correctly place your product on the mannequin to give the best result in photography. Gather your garment product accessories for better performance in photography.

How to Photograph Your Product: 

Prepare for Shot:

Basic cleaning and setting present the product vividly. It gives you a continuous capturing experience. Indeed, you have to give time to prepare your product. If you get on the right track, you will get helpful moments in photography. Dress up your model or mannequin with the perfect garment product so that you feel superb photography.

Getting Ready with the Photography Gear: 

You should arrange high-quality photography gear to get a responsive product image. Always try to use Product photography DSLR cameras like Sony a7R IV, Nikon D850, Canon EOS 5D Mark IV, Canon EOS 6D Mark II, etc. Use a compatible lens to get high-quality photographs. Set your camera and lens on a steady tripod. Use natural light by the big window; if it is impossible, you may use studio lighting.

Camera setting: 

Correct your camera setting according to the lighting condition. A perfect setting of aperture, shutter speed, and ISO allows you to get high-quality photographs.

Light Setting (Studio Lighting):

Light is a fundamental requirement in garment product photography. If you can control your light, you can control your photography. Increase the light bulbs to reach the furthest corner of the product. To get the actual color, you use light diffusers. However, your light source should be from 3 different angles. You can also set it with your own choice.

Use A Proper Background: 

You can set an extensive white background. But why do you use a white background? A white background gives a better view of all colors. For garment product photography, it is more beneficial. However, you can also change it by maintaining a balance of the product conditions.

Follow the Garment Product Photography Shots: 

Individual shots: 

By knowing the condition of the apparel, you can do an individual shot. If you want professional dress-up photography, you can do individual photography.

Group Shot:

You can show different items but in the same conditions. By the group shot, shoppers get a firm idea about the product sizes, pricing, and dimensions.

 In Context:

In Context, photography denotes a great representation of the product. It denotes a presentation based on the product and model, respectively. It gives you the most effective result. Shoppers are naturally attracted by it. But your presentation should be in the right way. However, it is regarded as a creative presentation.

Lifestyle Shoot:

Among all the shoots, people like lifestyle shoots. It helps to evaluate the product naturally. To make a lifestyle photoshoot, you can hire models. It gives you a perfect view of your product.

Final Word: 

Better investment in product photography helps to represent your e-commerce business. As you aim to create a strong brand, you should be accustomed to providing professional photos. It’sIt’s a crucial need in branding. 

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