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Tips to Open A Shisha Lounge

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In recent times, there has been a steady rise in the popularity of shisha bars, which in turn has made several shisha lounges and bars open across the world. As a result, almost every modern city you walk into will have many funky shisha bars to cater to the shisha-loving community.

However, many of these suffer from a lack of resources, as the team behind such shisha lounges is not equipped with the proper knowledge and experience to run them efficiently. A shisha lounge in Dubai is not all about offering exotic flavors and throbbing music; the owner must have the requisite guidance and awareness to understand how to have the edge over their competitors and keep consumers coming back. 

Check out some of the critical tips for opening a shisha lounge in Dubai:

1. Hire your staff with caution:

shisha lounges are a service industry that caters to a niche audience with a certain taste. Needless to say, a shisha bar must have attentive and knowledgeable staff. Before you go for shisha outsourcing in Dubai, make sure your staff has a fair understanding of shisha products and hookah accessories. Shisha enthusiasts will any day prefer coming back to a lounge whose staff knows all about shisha set-ups, coal refueling and can also give impressive recommendations of tobacco flavors.

On the other hand, as the best shisha company in Dubai i.e Shisha Art, you can expect regular reports from your team to stay at the top of your game. While hiring, watch out for qualities such as politeness, presentation, interactive skills, promptness, and responsiveness, which will come in handy in their daily customer dealings. A shisha lounge must establish friendly relationships with its managers, and the staff has an instrumental role to play in it. 

Key to hiring a successful team is diversity. As a business owner, it’s important to find the best way to communicate with your customers, hence hiring people of different nationalities will be a big plus as they would be speaking the same language with your customers. 

Next one, knowledge. Shisha training is extremely important to stay on top of the game. You need to ensure to get the knowledgeable and communicative shisha masters, who will be able to recommend a special mix for different types of clientele.  

2. Don’t neglect the music:

If you want to be amongst the best shisha companies in Dubai, you must know that good music completes and complements a shisha night. Many shisha bars these days allow buyers to choose music that best fits their mood. You can simply have a pre-approved list of songs on a mobile jukebox, and the DJ can play some of the top-voted numbers. 

Nowadays, this is the trend amongst the best shisha companies in Dubai, surpassing conventional song jukeboxes. You need to leverage smartphones and social media strategies to establish a good brand image for your shisha lounge. 

3. Ambiance can make or break the deal:

You surely wouldn’t want to lose customers just because of poor ambiance, right? Shisha smoking is a social activity, so you need to choose your interior decor accordingly. You can hardly go wrong with Egyptian or Middle Eastern- basically giving off a bohemian theme that best complements the experience of shisha. You can go for dark-colored walls, psychedelic patterns, dim lights, and big pillows in your shisha lounge in Dubai. 

The idea is to offer a cozy atmosphere to shisha-lovers, so they stay for long and also choose your lounge for repeat visits. Most people visit shisha lounges in groups, so you should invest in a spacious lounge that can accommodate fairly large crowds. Ideally, you should have both intimate booths and circular tables. The longer you can get them to stay, the more food and drinks they will order. 

4. Spoil them for choice:

Your shisha lounge in Dubai should have an expansive tobacco menu with a wide variety of flavors to choose from. Be it fruity to minty to florals, have something for everyone when you go for shisha outsourcing in Dubai. The more options they have, the more eager they will be to come back to your lounge to try the flavors. To give them an even more enjoyable experience, you can add ice or flavored water to the shisha; however, you must first ask them.

5. Discounts are a must-have:

Consumers expect discounts at every cafe or restaurant for regular food and drinks orders. A shisha lounge in Dubai is no exception. Especially on weekdays or busy days, you can announce some enticing deals on certain hookah flavors or drinks. 

If you want to encourage non-hookah users to accompany their friends, have some exciting discounts on food as well. This is a time-tested way of winning new customers and keeping the old ones. 

6. Tea is a winning formula:

Tea goes very well with hookah as it enhances the latter’s flavor and keeps the throat passage smooth. Regular hookah lovers often prefer to have tea along with shisha, particularly in mint and jasmine flavors. 

7. Keep a patio:

Make sure your shisha lounge in Dubai has an outdoor patio where customers can smoke or simply have some fresh air. It also allows proper ventilation since shisha lounges are otherwise quite cramped. You can plan bonfires when the weather is chilly. 

Smokers and non-smokers alike love to check out shisha lounges, as they are a welcome respite from the regular clubs or sports bars. If you’re planning to open a shisha lounge in Dubai, you must keep these tips in mind. With most cities replete with shisha lounges, you really need to up the game if you want your business to thrive. Take the above factors into consideration, and you’re pretty sorted.

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