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The Top 8 Best Restaurants in Edmonton

by janeausten
Best Places to Eat in Edmonton

People see food as a way of enjoyment as well as satisfaction. A restaurant is generally measured based on four important factors which are significant. The most important factor is the quality of the food which is the primary concern of a consumer. The second is the maintenance of proper hygiene. The third is the service, and the fourth is the overall customer service quotient.

Here is the list of the 8 best restaurants in Edmonton that can be visited without any hesitation:

1. Vivo Ristorante

The first on the list is Vivo Ristorante which offers a delicious platter of Italian foods with top-class customer service. The place, at 18352 Lessard Road, is surely the first choice of people wanting to arrange a get-together for the family.  The place is quite mesmerizing and it provides a cool and calm atmosphere with the addition of servings in large platters and bowls, which is most suited for having a nice family dine-in. Among all the delicious dishes, the dishes which are stand-outs are Pan Seared Scallops, Rigatoni, and Roasted Brussels Sprouts. It is undoubtedly one of the best restaurants in Edmonton.

2. Normand’s Restaurant

Normand’s Restaurant is where a diner will get the pure essence of French food. Situated at 11639 Jasper Avenue in NW Edmonton, this place provides the best experience for dine-ins with an ambience which is best suited for couples. Besides being able to provide a silky-smooth atmosphere, they also have great customer service. The best options include the Filet Mignon and their signature Mushroom soup for starters. You can also try the Alberta Wild Boar and Seasonal Curried Vegetables for the main course. 

3. Uccellino

Another restaurant on the list can be the Uccellino. Third on the list, it offers food that is authentically and deliciously Italian. It is located at 10349 Jasper Avenue in Edmonton and offers a charming décor theme. One of the best restaurants in Edmonton, it offers the house-made Goat Ricotta, Icelandic Cod, Aranchini and Pollo Al Mattone.

4. Dang Good Restaurant

Located at 13308-118 Avenue NW Edmonton, the Dang Good Restaurant is the fourth one in the list. Offering a huge range of Vietnamese food, the restaurant will catch anyone’s eye with the cute decorations in store. The Deep Fried Spring Rolls, Wonton Soup, Mango salad, Pho Beef Sate, Fresh Salad Rolls, and Coconut Seafood Soup are must-try’s. You will also find several furnished apartments in Edmonton nearby. 

5. Tzin Wine & Tapas

Fifth on the list, Tzin Wine and Tapas provides a wide range of drinks including classic wines. The cosy atmosphere, dim lights, and romantic ambience are truly incredible. There are several top picks here, including the Paella, Lamb albondigas, and Pork Loin. You can also try the Seared Scallops and Wild Boar Meat Balls. 

6. Sabor Restaurant

There are restaurants which focus on the cuisine or trends of a specific country. Yet, there are others focusing on experiences from varied parts. Sabor Restaurant offers Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, and French cuisines. It is located at 10220 103 Street and is famous for its Signature Lobster Risotto. You should not miss the Smoked Duck Carpaccio, Seafood Paella, Lamb Rack, and Classic Lobster Bisque too. These are some of the top draws at this restaurant.

7. Age RD

Located at 10643-123 Street Edmonton, the restaurant focuses on age-old culinary traditions. It has a simple yet charming atmosphere. The best dishes include the Seared Sablefish, Kitchen Board, Hunter’s Stew, and Beef Tartare. This is where a family get-together or intimate meal assumes a special dimension of its own. It is one of the most highly-rated joints in Edmonton and you should not miss it on your visit. The dishes represent comfort food with a special touch. 

8. Padmanadi

Padmanadi offers the best Indonesian, Thai, Indian and Chinese plant-based meals in town. Vegans and vegetarians automatically make a beeline for the place. It lies at 10740 101 St NW Edmonton, and has been a major presence for two decades. You will love the monthly buffets on offer here and should not miss the Ginger Beef, Vegetable Spring Rolls, and Tom Yum Fish. You will also love the Deep Fried Wontons and Teriyaki Chicken. These dishes are made with a lot of care and finesse. The joint naturally has something interesting and unique to offer to foodies. 

These are some of the best restaurants in Edmonton for true foodies and connoisseurs. They offer tantalizing dishes, mixed with hospitable service, and charming décor themes. You should try them all if possible, on your next visit. Edmonton is a springboard for culinary enthusiasts to taste the finest dishes. Make sure that you squeeze out some time to explore these restaurants on your trip.

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