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Make money on youtube in 2023

by janeausten
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It’s easy to get excited about money making on youtube. But with all the videos, it may be hard to find out how to start. First, you need a Youtube Channel. You can make one for free through Google and set up your channel the way you want it. Next, you need a niche or focus for your channel – like vlogging (video blogging), cooking, or playing video games. You want to be unique and own your channel, not just another one that uploads the same type of videos as other channels.
The next thing to do is start uploading videos. Think of a good title that tells people what your video is about. If you are vlogging, talk about your life and the things you have done or are doing in your life – think of vlogging as a way of expressing yourself. For example, if you are a gamer or playing video games, record what happens in the games you play and upload it to youtube. People will watch it. Then once your channel is set up, you can start to make money on youtube – BUT YOU HAVE TO WORK AT IT.

Youtube partner:

First, you have to become a youtube partner and that means working at getting a lot of views on your videos and likes, etc. Google will check how many people are watching and if you get enough, then they will let you become a partner. You also have to apply and it may take them a while to decide whether or not to accept your application.
It is very hard to make money on youtube unless you are already famous or already have a channel that is well known. However, if you work at it and get your channel watched by lots of people, then when you do start making money on youtube, the amount of money can be quite a bit.


On youtube, you have some really cool things. First, you can make videos of yourself. For example, you can make a video called “How to date” and in the video talk about how to meet people and date. Or make one called “5 steps to dating”. Or on youtube, you can make a video infographic that shows all of the different types of things you should do when dating. Think of how many people are looking for dating advice and make one all about dating.
Also, you can upload videos to promote your own dating website. If you have a website that tells people how to date, then promote that on youtube, or if you have a youtube channel all about dating, then put links up in your youtube videos to go to your dating website. Then put ads on the video so that when people click the link they will be brought to the site. Then when they sign up, they will give you the money.

Make videos:
Also, on youtube, you can make videos in which you talk about different types of people, what they are like, or what kind of things they do. For example, if you are in high school and want to meet people then make a video on youtube explaining what kind of people go to your high school and who goes there. Just make up some names and talk about all the different people at your school. Then when you have made a video on youtube, post it on Facebook with the link and you will get new viewers. This is really cool because so many girls go to high school and so many girls want to find out what’s happening at this school.
Another idea is to do an online quiz on Youtube.

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