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How to Recognize a Fake Classic Football Shirts Mystery Box?

by janeausten
Classic Football Shirts Mystery Box

Your club’s new uniform has arrived, but how do you know the item you want to purchase is authentic? With so many options, we want to ensure you’re not wasting your money and still supporting your team.

We have years of expertise teaching law enforcement officials how to recognize a forgery. We’re now providing you with complete access to spot warning signals, make sound decisions, and stay on the right side of the law.


An enormous red flag. Remember that a deal is seldom as good as it appears. The likelihood of fake increases if the shirt is 60% less expensive than it should be. The most recent kit launches are seldom marked down and are rarely discounted until the entire season is through.

Current season fakes, in our experience, are often advertised for approximately £30 when they should be £60-£70. When buying mystery box classic football shirts, this is the most crucial hint. Wait for the official release and buy from trustworthy merchants.


Sometimes fake clothes seem identical, but the quality cannot be matched. Look for flaws with stitching, fabric quality, fit, and size. Examine the stitching quality inside the shirt, particularly around the neckline and the badge. If it appears to be poorly constructed, it most likely is. The Kit maker logos are fakely printed onto the cloth, as shown above. It’s a less expensive method, which counterfeiters like.

Examine the shirt’s badges, iconography, and logo. Counterfeiters will cut corners wherever they can, so when it comes to attention to detail; they’re not going to win any awards.

Counterfeiters make Mistakes.

It won’t take long to figure out that counterfeiters frequently make simple (often funny) mistakes. Everything is in the details. Ask a friend or relative who is more knowledgeable about the kits for advice, and look up the most recent releases to see how the kits should seem from the front and rear!

Swing Tag Mistakes

One of the first things we teach law enforcement about is the swing tags on classic football shirts’ mystery boxes, which are a great indicator of a fake. The presence of a swing tag does not imply authenticity! Finally, a size sticker serves as a blinking signal for law enforcement, so look for this if you’re attempting to detect a fake. Counterfeiters are sluggish and search for ways to save money wherever they can; things like these take time and add to the cost. The more general the tag, the more phonier clothes may be used.

Care Instructions

This is straightforward: look for any numbers or markings written in pen or biro on the care label. Counterfeiter manufacturers do this as part of the counting procedure. We’ve seen pen markings on 99.9% of the phony shirts, and it’s a dead giveaway.

Purchase from Reliable Retailers.

Buy from a trustworthy merchant if you want to be sure you’re getting an official product. You wouldn’t buy a car seat for your child from a shady website, so don’t be in danger. Not only will the goods be inadequately created, in unknown conditions, by workers who do not adhere to health and safety requirements, but you will also be putting your credit card information in danger.

Official photos may be readily taken from official websites, so don’t be fooled. The clothing that appears may not be the same. When shopping online, look for the ‘HTTP’ or ‘HTTPS’ at the beginning of the site address and the SSL certificate. More information may be found here.

Now it’s your turn!

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