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How Much is QuickBooks Remote Access via Hosting?

by janeausten
QuickBooks Cloud Hosting

Investing in the latest technology at a price you can afford is one of the cornerstone decisions you will make. Clearly, if the selected technology has slowly become the norm in your industry or across verticals, it will impact various aspects of your business positively.  

But how will you decide how much you should or can invest in it? 

This is a common question many business owners, particularly accounting professionals and CPAs ask while switching to QuickBooks hosting. The adoption of cloud technology is growing by leaps and bounds. Businesses are using cloud storage and even computing resources to manage several sides of the operations. Now, you want it too. You want to benefit from QuickBooks cloud hosting by migrating the local-hosted software files and data to a cloud environment.  

Before you do that, you must know that the technological advancements you can bring into the picture of your business depend on how much you can spend on it. The amount you can set aside to pay for QuickBooks hosting price will be a deciding factor to reshape your budget. That’s why it is all easy to get stuck on how much you should spend for cloud hosting.  

However, turn the lenses towards the other side and you will find that an even more important question is – 

How much does QuickBooks hosting cost? 

To get to any conclusion on whether you can afford to migrate your QuickBooks software to the cloud, you need to have a clear idea of average QuickBooks Cloud pricing.  

If you do not know much about it, let us help you get into the details first. 

What is QuickBooks Hosting Price for a Small Business? 

Here, we have taken the case of a small business, keeping in mind the fact that most QuickBooks hosting plans are easily scalable. Whenever the business grows, you can simply switch to a better plan. 

QuickBooks hosting involves migrating the licensed software files you have already hosted on a local computer(s) to a cloud server. Look more closely and you will realize that it is your licensed QB software that is being taken from one place to another. It also implies that you have already invested in buying the license of a suitable QuickBooks variant.  

Now, you want to hire a QuickBooks hosting provider for cloud migration. Although the hosting plan selection requires careful consideration of different factors, let’s assume you have found a suitable one offered by a reputable hosting provider. 

What will be the price of QuickBooks Cloud pricing then? 

The Answer:  

It’s the sum of the license cost of QuickBooks desktop software and the cost of the cloud hosting plan you select to get it hosted on a cloud server.  

The reason why this is emphasized here is that many individuals misconstrue the hosting plan to cover the license cost as well, which is not true. Rather, you need to pay for the license separately. It’s no wonder you might have felt that way too while planning to switch to a cloud environment to access your QuickBooks software.  

Since it is a key strategic decision you need to make related to your business, you must look into the benefits of QuickBooks in detail before you make the required switch. 

What Does QuickBooks Hosting Price Cover? 

Once you have decided to switch to the cloud after knowing the QuickBooks hosting price, it is crucial to dig deeper and find out what you will get with it. Here are some of the primary benefits of QuickBooks cloud hosting: 

  1. Remote QuickBooks Access 

Hosting your licensed QuickBooks software on a cloud server enables you to access the software from anywhere and using any device. You won’t be limited to accessing it only on the computer system where it has been installed as in the case of a local-hosted setup. 

  1. Team Collaboration 

The indirect benefit of remote access supported by QuickBooks on the cloud is better team collaboration. You can provide authorized cloud access to one or more team members who need to work on QuickBooks actively and make it easier for them to collaborate. 

  1. Enhanced Security 

In a cloud environment, you need not worry about protecting the data and software files. The cloud hosting provider you select will do its part to ensure the utmost security backed by a plethora of security measures. 

  1. Round-the-clock hosting support 

To help clients you deal with any hosting-related issue, you will also get 24×7 hosting support within the plan you select. You can ask for help via email, chat, or phone call. 

Can You Only Select a QB Hosting Plan for Once? 

A crucial part of running a business is planning for growth. If you do not work in a way that both sales and profit grow with time, you will find it frustrating not to be able to do things in a way better than before. When you do plan for growth, the underlying human resources and technology must grow along. 

In terms of cloud hosting, it means that you should be able to switch from your current QuickBooks cloud pricing plan to a higher one, even though it will cost a little more. These requirements are taken care of by most cloud hosting providers. 

Take the case of Ace Cloud Hosting – a leading QuickBooks hosting provider that offers Essentials, Business, and Enterprise plans, each having its unique advantages and pricing. If you choose to start with the Essentials plan initially, you can proceed with switching to the Business or Enterprise plan based on your business needs. 

How Should You Proceed with Selecting a QuickBooks Hosting Plan? 

Now that you have reached the mindset of utilizing the benefits of QuickBooks cloud hosting, selecting the right plan becomes the next big thing. At this stage, you need to understand two things while comparing different hosting plans available: 

  • You need to first compare plans offered by different hosting providers to see which one offers the best plan at a price you can easily afford. 
  • You then need to compare different plans offered by the selecting hosting provider to finalize one of the given options. 

The following steps can be used as a guiding light to proceed toward selecting the most suitable QuickBooks hosting plan: 

  1. Assess your business needs in terms of the number of users who will access cloud-hosted QuickBooks and computing resource requirements on average. This will help you narrow down the list of hosting plans available. 
  1. Compare QuickBooks hosting price with respect to the benefits covered in each plan available. For instance, if a specific plan is cheaper but does not include even the basic benefits of cloud hosting, you better skip it to find an alternative. 
  1. Consider the company’s financials to see how much money you can set aside for such expenses in the long term. Since switching to cloud-backed QuickBooks is not a one-time thing and you need to continue with it as your business proceeds, it makes sense to get a fair idea beforehand. 
  1. Lastly, check the hosting provider’s reputation and client reviews to understand their experience in the industry. A hosting provider that is known in the accounting industry and among your peers for its service quality should be your preferred choice. 

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