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Convincing Reasons Why Having Your Car Detailed Is Always Worth It

by janeausten
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Most people wonder when it comes to car detailing- is having your car detailed worth it? 

Before we head over heels and say the answer is “YES”, we wanted to be realistic and share some of the significant reasons why having your cart detailed is always worth it.

For beginners, we will say that at times it does not make economic sense (completely depends on the age of the vehicle) and what you use it for. Keeping your car regularly washed (whether it is by hand or automatic car wash), can prevent a number of possible issues, however detailing does have its benefits over anything most people try.

So, keep reading to understand why having your vehicle detailed is always a worthwhile option.

  • Higher Resale Value– If you are considering reselling your car at any point in time, then regular car detailing is a very good option since it can boost the resale value up to 20%. As long as there is no irreversible damage to your car, professional auto detailing can eliminate all the imperfections such as stains and small scratches.

Consider Resale? Determine How Much Is Worth Spending First

For luxury cars, it makes sense to take your car to a professional car detailing shop to maintain your car’s ap[perance and functionality. Car detailing Cambridgeshire is a bit expensive, but in the case of removing small stains or scratches, most of the time it will cost less than £500. Unless your car’s value is around £10,000, just having it detailed for £150 to £200. 

The DIY Method

If you feel like putting some effort into preparing your car for resale, then you can easily do the basic car cleaning, car polish and waxing on your own. You just need to purchase some of the best quality products. 

  • Keep You And Your Car Safe– safety features are the preliminary thing that comes to our mind when considering car detailing in the very first place. Rainwater beads off easily over the coated windscreen. The glass will remain clear as dust and contaminants won’t be able to stick. Headlights can become cloudy and fade over time. It can restrict the brightness of your headlights when you are driving at night. Headlight coating and restoration can be performed in order to help enhance nighttime safety.
  • Help To Prevent Potential hazards- Virus, bacteria and allergens can accumulate inside your vehicle due to a number of reasons. Pets, people and food can carry such health hazards in your vehicle’s interior. Usually, they are not visible, and pathogens and airborne chemicals present in your vehicle are potential health threats. By doing regular car detailing, you can easily avoid such instances.
  • Contributes To Car Longevity- A car’s exterior is always exposed to outsider elements when out on the roads. Dirt, dust, and rain are some of the elements your vehicle’s exterior deals with on a regular basis. Car detailing goes beyond the car interior cleaning. Auto detailing eradicates all the stains and scratches and car polish gives that glossy finish. One can extend the car’s longevity by eradicating road contaminants and having extra protection for your vehicle’s surfaces.

Summing Up 

All that being said, it is always a wise idea to have your car derailed from time to time. It’s not only for cosmic reasons but also to protect the value of your valuables and also your and your riding partner’s health. 

How often should you do a full car detail?

Most car detailing professionals recommend that every car owner should detail their vehicle every four to six months. This will not only enhance the appearance of the car but also boost its longevity.

Does a detail remove scratches?

Car detailing can remove minor scratches through waxing, polishing and sealing. But, when it comes to deep scratches, you need to go for professional services for the best result and finish.

Should I get my car detailed or do it on my own?

Although car owners might think that they will be able to save money by performing car detailing on their own, this is not the case. If you are looking for a professional finish then you need to go for the car detail shop that will actually save you money in the long run. In case, you want to detail your car on your own, then you need to purchase lots of products to get some good results.

Do car detailers touch up paint?

For minor scratches and nicks, auto detailing professionals apply some drops of touchup pains. But, touch-up paint won’t perfectly match the surrounding. 

What time of year is best for car detailing?

Generally, auto detailing experts suggest fall and summer, however, spring and winter are also crucial months since the damage these seasons can wreak on a car.

What is the difference between car cleaning and car detailing?

The main difference between car cleaning and car detailing is how in-depth the cleaning procedure is. Car cleaning is a surface cleaning meant to keep environmental dirt and dust from harming your vehicle’s clear coat. Car detailing is a maintenance service that extends the internal and external components of your car. 

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