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What to Do About Thinning Lips

by janeausten
Thinning Lips

As we grow old, our skin changes. Naturally, we all get older, and our bodies and skin change. But we mostly notice this aging process on the lips because they become thinner and lose volume as time passes. If you are a smoker, the thinning lips process gets quicker.

But some people don’t notice a change or don’t even consider it to be a big issue. Also, some people don’t get wrinkles, or their lips don’t get thin. This is because all our faces and skins are different and react differently as we grow old. However, if you notice that your lips are losing volume, it’s a big concern. Try these steps to enhance your lip’s volume and thinning lips.

1. Keep Your Lips Hydrated

It’s no surprise that dry, wrinkled skin on your lips makes them appear smaller. Hydration is easy to fill up your lips; consider your complete body and lips. Drink enough water throughout the day, drink before you feel thirsty, and eat moist foods. Sun exposure and cold weather can cause your lips to dry out. So, apply a protective lip balm with an SPF to assist in keeping the moisture in your lips.

Lip ointments and oils moisturize the skin’s surface better than waxy stick balms. Look for moisturizing lip products containing hyaluronic acid and collagen since they can temporarily repair your body’s loss. Also, use lip moisturizers at night to ensure your lips are well-hydrated when you wake up.

2. Consider Getting Filler

Dermal fillers are a popular approach to add volume, smooth skin, and erase fine lines and wrinkles. Lip injections are a non-invasive method of replacing the collagen and fat your face loses as you age. Most fillers are now hyaluronic acid fillers that operate by attaching to water molecules in the skin.

While they will not stay forever, fillers can successfully replace lost volume for 6-18 months before being naturally absorbed by your body. Juvederm and Restylane are two of the most common hyaluronic dermal fillers. Lip fillers Dubai offers smooth filler treatment with Juvederm and Restylane dermal fillers that enhance lip volume and smoothen lip skin.

3. Naturally, Boost Collagen Production

Drinking water and getting adequate sleep may have a significant influence on how you feel and look. You can naturally boost collagen in your body by drinking plenty of water, sleeping well, and taking a multivitamin. Moreover, you can increase collagen production by taking probiotics and exercising daily.

Protect your lips using lip balm when you are outside under the sun. The lip balm moisturizes your lips and helps you prevent sun heat. In addition, you can increase collagen production by taking collagen supplements. You can boost your body’s natural collagen synthesis by taking hydrolyzed collagen peptides. Collagen pills help your cells’ fibroblasts.

4. Make-up Tricks

It’s an easy but temporary solution for thinning lips. However, you can use this method to hide your wrinkles and dry lips. You may not prevent your lips from losing volume, but you can stop them from looking like it. Over-lining lips are the most accurate way to make your lips more appealing. Apply a darker shade of lipstick on the outer lips and a lighter shade on the inner lips for good results.

You may apply various make-up tricks to make your lips appear larger. Some lip cosmetics contain substances (such as menthol or cinnamon oil) that hurt the lips somewhat, increasing blood flow and plumping the lips. These products cause a minor stinging sensation, indicating that they are performing their job.

5. Protection against sun, smoking, and inflammation

This is strictly a preventative strategy, but proactive actions are just as crucial as reactive measures. We can’t cease time and hence aging, so the best we can do is ensure we’re not speeding it up. First, quit smoking if you are presently doing so: It’s one of the most beneficial things you can do for your skin. Also, apply a safe, physical SPF to the affected region.

Sun protection for your lips is equally as vital as it is for your face. Try products with physical sunblock. Some contain additional hydrating actives, such as hyaluronic acid, to moisturize and smooth the lips. If you are vulnerable to lip allergies, you must talk to your doctor and get specific treatments. After that then, you can stop the aging process.

6. Try Botox Flip

Botox is a popular aesthetic lip filler treatment that uses botox along the lipline to create slightly flipped thinning lips. It produces the appearance of a bigger lip by relaxing the muscles that generate puckering and allowing other lip tissues to softly ‘flip’ the lip outward for a larger appearance. The effect lasts three to four months and may be achieved with very small quantities of Botox.

Botox flip is a non-invasive procedure that can be done quickly. It’s a tricky procedure as the botox is inserted along the lipline, so you must get this done by certified dermatologists and doctors. So, are you looking for the best dermatologist to get Botox? Lip filler Dubai offers smooth Botox flip treatment with certified doctors and helps you recover quickly.

What to do Next?

Getting old is natural. You can’t stop it, but you should not accelerate this process by not taking care of your body, skin, and lips. For slow results, you can stay hydrated and produce collagen naturally. However, if you want quick and smooth results, you should try dermal fillers and botox treatments. Contact lip filler Dubai and get your treatment today!

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