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MUAMA Ryoko: 5 Ways To Stay Connected With This Gadget!

by janeausten

Muama Ryoko is a high-speed portable Wi-Fi router that enables you to conveniently stay online while away from your country without much hassle. According to the company, the MUAMA Ryoko is a pocket-sized wireless modem, which creates a WiFi network around itself, using 4G LTE.

You can easily connect your Phone, Tablet, Laptop, or any other device to Ryoko’s Wi-Fi and stay connected to the Internet. Muama Ryoko router covers 139 countries on all 5 continents. With this portable Wi-Fi option available you can forget about using insecure public WiFi or paying for high international roaming charges. Besides coverage and easy carriage, Muama Ryoko portable WiFi can deliver a strong, fast, and secure online connection just about wherever you go. The manufacturers of this Portable Wi-Fi router assures that users can be sure of speed and security.

1. On Your Trip:

Traveling Abroad? Staying connected is always a daunting task: SIM cards, roaming fees, copious amounts of mobile data… If you are traveling with family or friends the problems multiply. MUAMA Ryoko provides an all-in-one solution: this tiny gadget is fast, secure, it connects up to 10 devices + you can forget the roaming fees!

2. At Conferences:

Going to the important business conference and the WiFi they provide is horrendous? Fortunately, Ryoko provides high-speed, reliable connections on the go. Forget the nightmares of desperately trying to get the spotty conference wi-fi to work!

3. At Work:

Does your job require you to travel and move a lot? Many people are mobile workers these days. Our designers have experienced frustrations that come with mobile work: always running out of data or the smartphone’s battery power. This is why MUAMA Ryoko is carefully designed to let you stay connected wherever you go without skipping a beat. Don’t worry about trivial things anymore: Ryoko allows you to focus on your job!

4. At Your Leisure:

It is hard to enjoy a well-deserved rest from everyday hustle when a connection (a lifeline of modern life) is lost. What if YOU get lost? What if there is an emergency? Have a Ryoko WiFi hotspot in your pocket and these things will never happen to you. Carry your connection with you – with 500 MB mobile data to boot (you can top up data at any time).

5. With Your Family:

Sometimes staying connected is difficult. Maybe your parents dislike technology and are confused by their smartphone’s settings. Maybe your child is at the friend’s place and suddenly went offline. MUAMA Ryoko is an ergonomic, easy-to-use gadget designed to keep your family connected at all times. Pocket-size, two-button controls: it has never been this easy!

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