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IUI: Essential Dos and Don’ts After the Treatment

by janeausten

Have you decided to undergo IUI treatment in Delhi or your locality when your doctor recommends it to you after your fertility assessment? Great, you have made the right choice to be sure about your conception and parenthood journey. Having this fertility treatment is easier than making it successful for you. By having an idea about dos and don’ts after IUI treatment, you can help yourself get the most out of it and ensure its success. Have a look at dos and don’ts here:


Some essential dos after IUI treatment are as follows:

  • Take enough rest – Enough rest facilitates your recovery. Apart from having a sleep of 6-9 hours at night, you should take rest and nap during the day time. While sleeping and taking rest, you should follow instructions on your body positions. 
  • Eat healthy – A healthy diet is important for all human beings. It becomes more crucial for you to accelerate your healing process. You need to ensure your diet has all the nutrients. Plus, you should focus on including fruits (oranges and grapes), vegetables (tomatoes and broccoli), beans, lentils, walnuts, and eggs in your diet.   
  • Take prescription medicines regularly – After the completion of the IUI treatment, your doctor prescribes certain medications to help you heal and move forward in your family expansion plan. You should clearly comprehend what medicine you have to take at what time. And you must not miss any dosage on any day.  
  • Stay positive – Going through fertility treatments and carrying a pregnancy is not like the bed of roses. It leaves physical and emotional effects on you. Some emotions can make you think negatively that is not good for you. Instead, you should divert your mind to the positive side and think good.    
  • See your doctor – After your release from the fertility clinic or hospital, you stay at home. You need to keep a close watch on your body and healing process. If you notice anything abnormal or unbearable, you should immediately contact your doctor and follow his/her instructions. 
  • Take light exercises – Staying active is crucial for being healthy and fit. However, you need to be careful while being active and performing workouts. After IUI treatment, you should do only light exercises like brisk walking. Your doctor will name exercises that you should do and avoid.   

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Here are the things that you should not do after IUI treatment:

  • Don’t smoke and drink alcohol – If both of you smoke and drink, you must quit it to make your IUI treatment successful for you. It can lower your fertility, affect egg/sperm quality and delay your conception.  
  • Don’t take painkillers – After the completion of the IUI treatment process, you may experience pain, camps, and allied symptoms. To manage your cramps and pain, you must not take over-the-counter medicines. Take the ones your doctor has advised you.  
  • Don’t have radiation exposure – Radiation coming from industrial chemicals and machines at work, especially in the manufacturing sector, is not good for your reproductive health. Too much exposure can affect your treatment outcomes. If possible, avoid having radiation exposure.   
  • Don’t put pressure on your lower abdomen – When you lean backward or bend forward, you have a pressure on your lower abdomen. Having pressure on the lower abdomen after IUI treatment can create pregnancy complications for you. Your doctor will guide you what positions you should have while being on bed or taking rest.  
  • Don’t consume caffeine – Too much caffeine intake can make you have infertility and narrowness in your blood vessels. So, you need to limit your caffeine intake and ensure it is not higher than 200 mcg a day. For it, you can take only 2 cups of tea or coffee a day and avoid eating too many dark chocolates.   
  • Don’t stress – Stress can affect your healing process and treatment effectiveness. You should avoid having anxiety, stress, or negative feelings. If you feel stressed or anxious, you should meditate, practise deep breathing, and count down from 100 to 1 to lower the symptoms. 

Take away 

IUI treatment success depends on a lot of factors like maternal age, and lifestyle. Having an idea what to do and what not to do can help you make your IUI treatment successful for you. It will help you expand your family by bringing a child into your life.

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