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Crypto TREND – Second Edition

by janeausten
Crypto TREND - Second Edition

In the first issue of CRYPTO TREND, we introduced Crypto Currency (CC) and addressed many of the concerns people had about this emerging sector. Every day, new information emerges in this industry. A few examples will help us get a feel for how fresh and innovative this market is: Vitaliy Dobinin

Bitcoin futures are being developed by the biggest futures exchange in the world.

According to Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) President Terry Duffy. Our [bitcoin futures] contract should be available for listing sometime in the second week of December. The only direction bitcoin can go is up, since shorting it is now impossible. There are two options: getting your hands on it or selling it to someone else. So, you’re creating a two-sided market, which is always more efficient in my book.”

Once Bitcoin futures have been approve by regulators, CME plans to offer them before the end of the year. If this works, it will provide investors with a real option for betting on the price of Bitcoin going up or down. Some ETF issuers have also applied to list bitcoin ETFs that will mirror bitcoin futures.

These changes may eventually make it possible for consumers to invest in the cryptocurrency market without directly dealing with cryptocurrencies or exchanging for them. By enabling traders and investors to hedge their exposure to currency fluctuations. Bitcoin futures have the potential to increase digital currency’s use. Merchants that wish to accept bitcoin payments but are concern about its volatility may be more willing to do so if they have some assurance that their investment will be protect. Trading regulated futures is common practice for institutional investors since it eliminates the risk of money laundering.

This shift in policy from CME, which had previously looked to shut out crypto futures, is another evidence that bitcoin has grown to become too large for the exchange to ignore. Brokerages and trading businesses, who have been hit hard by rising but abnormally calm markets, are talking about nothing else than Bitcoin. Given the importance of size and liquidity in derivatives markets. If futures trading at one exchange were to take off, it would be very difficult for another exchange like CME to catch up.

“You can’t deny the reality that this is becoming more and more of a topic that won’t go away,” Duffy told CNBC. He said that there is “great pent-up demand” from customers for bitcoin from “mainstream firms.” Duffy also believes that the entry of institutional traders into the market might reduce the volatility of bitcoin.

A small town in Japan plans to embrace cryptocurrency as a means of municipal regeneration funding.

Nishiawakura, a small town in Japan, is considering hosting an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) to fund the town’s rebirth. They may approach the federal government for funding. Or try to attract private investors since this is such a radical new strategy. After the failure of many ICOs, investors are understandably wary of putting money into another token sale for fear of losing money if the ICO turns out to be another farce or fraud. Bitcoin was definitely no laughing matter.


To make up for it, let’s talk about initial coin offerings (ICOs) in this second issue of Crypto Trend. An ICO may be host by anybody who want to launch a new Blockchain project with the purpose of generating a new token on their chain. In contrast to an IPO when a firm actually has a product or service for sale and wants you to purchase shares in their company. A few of ICOs have been complete scams, but the industry as a whole operates without oversight.

However, if conducted properly, an ICO has the potential to generate substantial funds that may be used to launch a whole new Blockchain-base system. Commonly, the token price of an ICO will spike at first, only to fall as the ICO progresses. There have been so many ICOs since it’s so cheap and simple to launch one; there are now about 800 different coins available. Except for the most well-known tokens, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, the rest of these tokens are reffer to as altcoins. Due to the substantial potential for loss, Crypto Trend does not currently advise taking part in an ICO. Vitaliy Dobinin

This market is the “wild west” at the moment, therefore we urge you to proceed with care, as we did in Issue 1. Many early adopters and investors have lost all they put into this market, while others have made a killing. Governments are debating the need for new rules because they want to track every transaction so they can tax it. Every one of them is deeply in debt and struggling financially.

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