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What You Need to Know: The Advantages of Enrolling Your Child in a CBSE Board

by janeausten

There are several advantages to enrolling your child in CBSE schools, ranging from value-based education to college acceptance. And, when it comes to the finest CBSE schools in India, GIIS (Global Indian International School) ranks high. Also read about the CBSE fee structure.

What Is the Purpose of a CBSE Board?

The CBSE board’s primary goal is the whole development of a child’s personality and intellect. CBSE education is also in charge of building the groundwork for a child’s cultural development. CBSE, or the Central Body of Secondary Education, is a government-run educational board that promotes education in both public and private institutions. 

What Are Some of the Advantages of Having a CBSE Board?

Every board you pick has its own set of benefits and, for a variety of reasons, becomes more handy for your youngster. So, before we go any further, it’s crucial to remember that you’re looking out for your child’s best interests and choosing a board that best meets their wants and expectations. If GIIS (Global Indian International School) is on your list of top schools in Ahmedabad, you should also learn about the distinctions between the CBSE and ICSE boards. Interestingly, we have CBSE board schools in several Indian states, including:

  • Ahmedabad
  • Noida
  • Bangalore
  • Pune

If you’re thinking of enrolling your child in the CBSE board, consider the following factors:

  • More Student-Friendly: The board is meant to promote student learning, and the textbooks and study materials are interactive. Students are encouraged to make studying enjoyable and lively by including activities between chapters.
  • Exam Structure: Unlike in most circumstances, CBSE exams are designed to focus on the students and their learning. CBSE examinations do not ask students to memorise and write answers; instead, the emphasis is on comprehending how much the students have learned, and the papers are created in such a way that exams do not appear as intimidating. The main lesson from these tests is that students learn something by going through the process. Any of India’s top CBSE schools will second this.
  • Leverage in Competitive Exams: If your child wishes to apply to IIT/AIIMS in the future, studying in the CBSE board will provide them an advantage over others. The CBSE curriculum is built on the syllabus of the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT). And because the CBSE organises the preliminary examinations for institutes such as IIT and AIIMS, anyone who has previously studied under this board would be more familiar with its test approach.
  • Flexible Options for Students: A kid will never be forced to choose a certain path while studying in the CBSE board. As previously said, this board allows students to refine their talents and play to their strengths, and students will be given abundant options to choose streams they like and work towards making their goals come true at every step of the process. The purpose here is to set more attainable goals.
  • Focus on Whole Growth & Development: One of the most significant advantages of the CBSE board is that the emphasis is on a child’s overall growth. Students are encouraged to delve beyond the pages of their textbooks. And the greatest CBSE schools in India would encourage their pupils to be equally interested in sports and extracurricular activities as they are in academics. This will help students find additional opportunities.

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