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Switch to Naturally Sweetened Lime Sparkling Water For Better Health

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Everyone loves lime water, but not everyone loves the sugar that goes into these refreshing drinks. So why not switch to naturally Sweetened Lime Sparkling Water for better health?

We at Maple 3 provide healthier alternatives to flavoured cola drinks. Which comes in the form of a sparkling drink made with pure organic lime juice, organic cane sugar, and natural sweeteners. Our refreshing drinks do not have any artificial flavors or preservatives. Which are usually added to our rivals’ drinks to mask the natural lemon/lime taste.

Reasons To Drink Lime Sparkling Water

1. Lime Water Keeps You Hydrated

Lime water is a great way to stay hydrated during hot summer days. It contains a high amount of water. It provides you with all the goodness, ensuring you get all the essential vitamins your body needs. Lime water has naturally hydrating properties as it replenishes all the lost water. Lime Sparkling Water drink is very low in calories (35 cals in one serving). You can consider it an ideal thirst quencher.

2. Lime Water Is Good For the Digestion System

Lime Water contains an alkaline mineral – calcium. Lime Sparkling Water is just the right amount to help retain the stomach’s pH balance. When your body has a balanced pH, it helps you digest food better. Also, it can prevent so many problems like heartburn and acid reflux.

3. A Low-Calorie Beverage Option

One serving of our naturally sweetened lime sparkling water contains less than 50 cals. That makes it a great alternative to your sugary drinks. Our lime water packe with nutrients essential for your body’s normal functioning.

4. Fights Stress And Boosts Your Immune System

Studies have revealed that lime reduces cortisol levels in your body. Cortisol levels are responsible for stress and tension. It is a great beverage to drink at times of stress or any type of depression. The high vitamin C content in lime water can act as an immunity booster. It helps to increase white blood cells in your body. Doctors recommend it be taken after a cold or cough.

5. It Can Help You Lose Weight

Lime water is a low-calorie drink, making it a good option when trying to lose weight. Moreover, sparkling lime water can help improve your metabolism and increase the body’s fat-burning process by as much as 30%. Choose our naturally sweetened lime sparkling water for better health and aid in your weight loss goals.

6. A Great Recovery Beverage

There are many negative side effects of alcohol consumption and its by-products, like hangovers. Best sparkling water is a great alternative to alcohol. It doesn’t cause any harmful effects. You can drink Sparkling lime water before or after a heavy workout. Boosts your body’s recovery time. Alcohol consumption can cause stomach aches and other common problems.

7. Lime Water Is A Tasty Beverage

Not only can our sparkling lime water help you stay healthy, But it is also a refreshing and delicious beverage. You can enjoy your meals or snacks without adding any calories to your body. The lime water has a refreshing taste, making it a great mixer if you serve drinks at your house party.


Maple 3 offers the best sparkling water drink on the market today. And all our drinks are made from 100% pure ingredients without additives or preservatives. We have a very dedicated customer service team, That can help you if you have any concerns regarding our products or services. Our beverages are available at supermarkets, grocery stores, and convenience stores across Toronto and Mississauga for your convenience.

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