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5 Popular Home Design Styles for 2023

by janeausten
San Diego home remodeling contractor

Your home is the place where you want to enjoy cozy and comfortable vibes when you come back from work. However, this place needs to be functional and organized so that it can give a great ambiance to you.

So, you can think about making a few changes to your home or a renovation project that can completely transform the look of your house this year.

If you are looking for a reliable San Diego home remodeling contractor, then you should login to www.donerightremodelinganddesign.com to hire our professionals. So, let us know about a few popuar home design styles that you can consider for your home in 2023.

Soft organic modern interior design

A soft organic modern interior is everyone’s choice these days; this type of design gives a modern and luxurious touch to your home.

In this type of design, usually, you can find a mixture of natural woven woods and materials, airy and structured window coverings, rugs with geometric patterned prints, use of mohair and leather, and soft earth tones throughout the home.

This type of design gives a subtle yet vibrant modern look to the space. if you want to give a modern look to your home, you can go with this option. 

Scandinavian design style

The Scandinavian design gives a boho-chic touch to your home, which includes neutral tones, simple décor, and furniture that compliments the décor. You can go with earthy browns, muted greens, and pink colors that will give a beautiful look to your home.

Choose rich woods like birch wood and white oak for the furniture. This type of design style not only focuses on the décor and look of the home but also aims at making your home functional with adequate storage. So, the floor space remains clear and free of unnecessary clutter. 

Transitional organic modern design style

Transitional style homes feature clean lines, minimal large-scale accessories, neutral organic fabrics, simple patterns, warmer wood tones, and easy-to-maintain designs.

This design style focuses on using one type of flooring throughout the entire home. in this interior design style, you will find engineered wood and large-format tiles that give a majestic look to the space.

You can use a taupe or any neutral shade, which can give your home the perfect transitional look. Engineered wood flooring, neutral colors, and honed quartz countertops are some of the features of a transitional design style. 

Modern and bright interior design style

The modern home features bright and light shades that give a casual feel to the space. In this design style, light-colored rooms are always preferred. The bright and light shades, soft tones, and clean lines give a fresh and airy look to the home.

You can go with bright-colored walls and natural lights to create that modern look in your home.

Repaint your home with soft white color and include home décor items in earthy colors to give your space a modern ambiance.  

Modern Farmhouse design style interior

Modern farmhouse interior design style gives a warm look to the space that features elements like stone, wood, wrought iron, and neutral colors. This type of design includes both old and new designs for a vibrant yet peaceful ambiance.

These home feature neutral shades, customizable canvas, and rustic features like checkered patterns and sleek lines alongside tailored furniture. This type of design style not only gives modern look to the space but also provides comfort to the people dwelling inside the home. 


You can give a good makeover to your home by incorporating any one of the above home remodeling styles into your home. However, you can go with a few home addition ideas that will yield you many benefits; especially in increasing the value of your house.

Moreover, it will give an elegant and premium look to your home. If you want to resell your house then it can attract buyers who want to invest in a quality house.

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