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Should You Buy an iPhone 12 Pro Max in Pakistan 2023?

by janeausten
iPhone 12 Pro Max

As the new year began, a new question popped up in every new iPhone user’s mind, “Should I buy an iPhone 12 Pro Max in 2023?” Answering this seemingly simple question isn’t as simple as it seems.

That’s why in this very article, I’ll be going over this question and much more to help you make an informative decision on whether or not you should buy it.

The things that I’m going to discuss in this article are the things that I’ve personally experienced and if or not they still hold up well in 2023 while living in Pakistan.

Should You Buy an iPhone 12 Pro Max in Pakistan 2023?

Ok! Let me clear up one thing before we begin. I bought this phone not to so long ago in used condition, and my experience with the phone has been amazing. I ordered this phone from Wise Market Pakistan on a friend’s recommendation, and they sure didn’t disappoint. 

The phone itself may have been used previously, but I found no faults with it. They may have picked a new phone from a box and sent it my way because the battery health and the cycle count were as if they were never used.

Now, let’s get into it.


It’s possible that you have no idea what you’re looking for when it comes to the display of the iPhone 12 Pro Max if you are a new iPhone user. The display of the phone is the primary means by which you interact with your device. Meaning you can’t compromise on it. 

The iPhone 12 Pro Max display is the biggest in its lineup. There is no doubt that the display on this iPhone is one of its main features. The device comes with a 6.7-inch Super Retina XDR display that has a resolution of 458 PPI, making it one of the sharpest displays available in smartphones today. 

Overall, the display on the iPhone 12 Pro Max really sets it apart from other smartphones on the market today. Whether you’re viewing photos or videos on this phone or playing games and browsing through your favorite websites, you can rest assured knowing that you’ll be treated to an immersive and engaging experience every time. If you’re looking for a smartphone with one of the best displays, then check out the iPhone 12 Pro Max.


Since the iPhone 12 Pro and the iPhone 12 Pro Max were released in the year 2020, there is no surprise the battery of these phones may have seen some degradation.

According to general guidelines put out by Apple, if the phone (iPhone in particular) has gone through 500 charge cycles, the battery will degrade to 20%. Meaning you’ll only get 80% of the original battery health. 

Now, my iPhone 12 Pro Max that I got from Wise Market came with 2 charge cycles meaning no battery degradation even after 2 or 3 years. But how is that? Now, if you’re a phone enthusiast, then you might guess that the battery may have been replaced, and there are several phones in the market with replaced batteries. 

However, the phone that I got was never opened. I showed it to my friend that works in a phone repair shop, and I also used an app to check if any components of the phone were replaced. Through both methods, I obtained the same result: the phone hasn’t been opened.

Most likely, the phone that they gave was only used once by someone, and then they sold it without charging it, and after inspection by Wise Market, they turned it off for the buyer (me). 

It may be a rare instance like mine, but there is still a chance to get good battery health. If the phone, even after 2 years, is only at 85% battery health, then I think that It’s still a good option.


In terms of camera quality, the iPhone 12 Pro Max is just as good as when it was first released. Even though there have been 2 new iterations of the device with better camera modules, the triple camera system of this phone still holds up well.

Even if we go back a bit, the iPhone 11 Pro camera system can still hold up well in 2023 because the camera tech that they use in the iPhones is something that is only rivaled by its latest models.


Overall, in my personal opinion, I’ve found that the iPhone 12 Pro Max is still an amazing choice for a smartphone, even in 2023. However, you do need to be a bit more careful when buying such devices in Pakistan because there are a lot of scammers in the market.

That’s why I recommend WIse Market Pakistan because of my experience and the review that I’ve gotten from my friends, it’s one of the most trusted smartphone sellers for people living in Pakistan. I heard they have tons of smartphones ranging from Samsung to Xiaomi. Plus, they have an extensive library of smartwatches, earbuds, and other lifestyle appliances.
So, head on over to Wise Market Pakistan and get the best devices for the best prices.

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