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A Glossary Of Fabric Names Used In the Textile Industry

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Glossary Of Fabric Names


The names of fabrics utilised in industries are different from the ones used by consumers. While terms along with cotton, wool, and polyester are generally used, there is an entirely exclusive global concern concerning material names within the textile industries. Click here

Manufacturers want to know approximately the cloth names typically used in textile industries. This manual consists of the top everyday fabric names today—an alphabetical list of the delicate fabrics to pick from.

Acetate cloth

Acetate fabric is a semi-artificial fabric that can mix different fabrics like cotton, wool, or silk. It is manufactured as a reasonable opportunity for herbal fabric. It is composed of cellulose filaments created from timber pulp. Due to its satiny clean texture, it is utilised in wedding gowns and as a lining material.

Acrylic cloth

This synthetic cloth is light, tender, and has a wool-like texture. It is used to fabricate iciness put on such as sweaters. 

Active cotton denim fabric

Active cotton denim is Lee’s innovation inside international denim. This top-rate ring-spun denim has a unique fibre composition with 4-way flex for extra consolation.

Aida material/canvas

Aida fabric is a stiff and even-weave fabric widely utilised in needlework for pass-sewing.

Baby combing wool

Also called French combing wool, this brief, satisfactory wool is synthetic on a French system.

Ballistic Fabric 

This is a robust nylon fabric advanced by using Dupont. It is mainly utilised in baggage for progressed tear and abrasion resistance.

Bamboo cloth

The name shows the making of the fabric. This material is eco-friendly, gentle, breathable, and sturdy; thus, it’s frequently used as an alternative to cotton.

Batik material

It is a technique of designing components of cloth using distinct types of wax and dyes to create stunning styles. Batik fabrics accordingly made have unique designs, patterns, and outcomes. This cloth is crafted from rayon, cotton, and natural fibres that can absorb the dye. 

Calico fabric 

The calico material is a cotton product and has a tough texture, as the cotton seeds are left inside the material. The fabric is unbleached and organised through a simple weave manner.

Canvas cloth 

The canvas cloth is fabricated from cotton or linen. They are of sorts – Duck and simple canvas. This cloth is used explicitly for making tents, backpacks, and sails.

Cashmere fabric 

A unique fabric crafted from the undercoat of cashmere goats. This comes under a luxury fabric as it’s uncommon and costly. The cloth is used to make sweaters and shawls.

Chenille fabric 

This soft fluffy material is made of wool, rayon, cotton, and silk. It makes cushion covers, add-ons for toddlers, towels, and bathrobes.

Damask fabric

This glossy, beautiful, rich, and reversible material is used to make napkins, curtains, desk covers, and fabric. Some fabrics are best one-sided, while a few can be used on each facet. 

Dobby cloth

Dobby cloth is manufactured on a dobby loom and is used to prepare shirts. This fabric has geometric prints and may be in monochrome or exclusive colours. 

Duchess satin material 

This luxurious, heavy, and wealthy-looking satin steals the display. Also referred to as bridal satin, it’s miles perfect for wedding ceremony robes, bridesmaid dresses, and formally put on.

Dupioni fabric

Dupioni is derived from the Italian phrase, ‘Doppione,’ which signifies double. It’s a brittle material that includes uneven weft and sensitive warp threads. It can be woven into various designs, including stripes, floral, or plaid. Dupion cloth keeps the body cool in hot and bloodless weather. This fabric is used to put together men’s and ladies’ premium fits.

Egyptian cotton fabric

With a longtime recognition as the “high-quality” cotton in the international market, its softness, power, and terrific features have positioned Egyptian cotton merchandise as the area’s finest. Because of its potential to take in drinks, Egyptian cotton fabrics have deeper, brighter, and more long-lasting colours. 

Single cloth

The single cloth, a velvet material woven on a wire loom or single loom, is well-known for its ability to include both a loop pile and a reduced pile into the identical material. The cloth is commonly used for upholstery, but it becomes extensively utilised as garb for princes and monarchs, bishops, cardinals, and the Pope.

Elastane cloth

The different names of elastane cloth are ‘spandex’ and ‘lycra.’ This artificial fibre is exceptionally elastic, combining unique fibres like polyester or cotton. It is used to make stretchable garb together with sports clothing.

English net material

The English internet fabric is manufactured from knotted threads to create a mesh. This fabric is heavier than nylon net and is prepared from polyester or cotton.

Faux fur fabric

It is frequently called synthetic fur or faux fur, a pile of material designed to seem like actual animal fur. Faux fur is a mixture of polyester, modacrylic, and acrylic fibres. This green fabric is heat, lengthy-lasting, and adaptable. It is used to fabricate a ramification of style accessories, along with fake fur jackets, coats, vests, shawls, footwear, and handbags.

Flannel material

The flannel cloth is ready from the fully shrunk yarns with a twist. The flannel material is pure and is used to put together underclothing. There are two styles of flannel – Canton flannel and outing flannel.

Felt fabric

Felt is a dishevelled cloth made of condensed and pressed textile strands. This material is moisture-wicking and absorbent, as well as sound-dampening. Felt is one of the few fabrics created without weaving or knitting. Though a famous hat cloth, its packages have grown to consist of other types of add-ons, homewares, and creative elements.

Flannelette material

The flannelette fabric is tender, fuzzy, and organised from cotton or a blend of cotton. It is used to make sleepwear, pyjamas, and bedding.

Gabardine material

The Gabardine material is water-proof and exceedingly durable. Initially, this material was crafted from worsted wool, but nowadays, it’s far from cotton fibre or blends. This cloth is used to put together fits and jackets.

Georgette fabric 

The georgette fabric is crafted from silk or artificial fibres having a matt and puckered finish. It is available in plain colour or published pattern. The material is used to make nightgowns and bridal clothes.

Velveteen fabric

This is a less expensive cloth made to replicate velvet. Unlike velvet, which is made from silk, this fabric is manufactured from cotton. The velveteen fabric is dense, stiff, and difficult to weave compared to velvet. The material can be effortlessly washed by way of hand or washing device.


The fabric industries use numerous varieties of cloth. Many of the names are not used by consumers but are popular in a few industries. This glossary serves as a reminder of the numerous cute fabrics to be had for sewing. https://marketfobs.com/

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