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How to Draw An Angel

by janeausten
Angel Drawing

How to Draw An Angel. An angel represents many things. They can be characters of peace, kindness, means, and many other specialties. Most often, they represent purity and goodness in general.

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They are also integral to many cultures, religions, and histories and are strongly associated with holidays such as Christmas.

If you love angels or want to learn how to draw one for someone special or a special occasion, this guide should be perfect!

How to Draw An Angel

Step 1

There is a lot of detail in the angel that you will draw in this how to draw an angel guide, so we’ll take this guide slowly to ensure we stay focused.

For this first step, we’ll start by outlining the angel’s face. This is accomplished with a simple, curved line like the one we have in our reference image.

We will build this line in the next few steps, so let’s keep going!

Step 2

You can add some hair to your angel drawing with the curved face line. The outline for the hair is simple enough, but we’ll add more details later.

The curved face line is old and carefully referred to the reference or like our example!

Once you are happy with the look, you can draw curved lines across the face to shape your angel’s neck.

Finally, draw more lines for the shoulders coming out of the neck, then add another line under the neck for the dress’s neckline.

Step 3

We’re going to add a lot in this phase of our direction on how to draw an angel, so we’re going to take it slow!

Firstly, you can decorate your angel’s face, and as seen in our reference image, we have chosen a simple but effective design for the face.

You can create a friendly, smiling face like ours with a few fairly simple dots and strokes.

Draw your angel’s arms with a pencil before using the pen, as it can be tricky.

First, tauten some long oval figures for the sleeves of the dress. Then draw another oval inside it before drawing arms emerging from it.

It may sound not easy, but using the reference image is easier than you think! Finally, pull the rest of the dress from the sleeves and let it fall to the floor.

Step 4

There were a lot of drawings in the previous step, so let’s keep this one simple!

Just add some lines in the outline of the hair to create some beautiful hair details for your angel drawing.

Step 5

Your angel needs wings, so in this step of our how-to-draw an angel guide, let’s add some!

The top of the wings starts at the angel’s hair, has jagged lines at the bottom that look like feathers, and then ends at the shoulders.

Once you have the wings, the next step is adding the details.

Step 6

You may run out of wings for this part of our guide to drawing an angel! To add an adorable detail, add curved lines in a row across the tips of the wings to make them look even featherier.

Next, add some lines like the ones in our reference image running along the edge of the wings. This will help create a structure for them.

Finally, give your angel a beautiful halo with two ovals, one inside the other, above his head.

Step 7

Your angel drawing is great! Before the final step, let’s add a few more details.

Draw An Angel

Just add some long curved lines to the dress to create the look of flowing fabric. It’s a simple detail that makes the difference!

Step 8

This is the funniest of all the steps in this how-to draw-an-angel guide! Now you can color your amazing creation, a step where you can show your creativity.

Angel Drawing

Angels traditionally have lots of yellow, gold, and white, so while sticking to these colors, you might as well use any other color you love!

If I were going to color it, I would use watercolor colors for a soft, glowing countenance and then complete off the halo and details of the dress with gold glitter paint.

What colors and mediums will you use for your angel? We can’t wait to see how you finish this draw!

Your Angel Drawing is Finished!

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