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What is the Difference Between Glatt Kosher Food and Kosher?

by janeausten
Glatt Kosher Food

“Glatt kosher” is the highest strict level of kashrut, the Jewish dietary laws. The word “glatt” literally means “smooth” and indicates that a piece of meat has been washed in water, salt, or brine to remove all impurities. When you see the word Glatt Kosher Food on a label, it often means that this particular piece of meat is still connected to its bone. We at L’Chaim Meats offer high-quality beef that is both glatt kosher and kosher.

Superior Quality Glatt Kosher Food

Glatt Kosher Food is of superior quality in that the animals selected for slaughter are healthy, strong and free from blemishes or defects. The animal is slaughtered under strict Rabbinical supervision, and the meat must undergo a rigorous inspection to ensure that the highest standards of kashrut are adhered to. The results achieved by properly-executed glatt kosher preparation are unparalleled in terms of taste and tenderness.

Essential Factors That Make Glatt Kosher Food Different

1. The cows and goats that produce Glatt Kosher Food are healthy, strong, and without blemishes or defects.

2. Another critical factor is the time of year when the animals are slaughtered. The meat is only allowed to be taken during the months of Tishrei and Cheshvan to ensure that the hearts will be at their best when they are most needed.

3. The Glatt Kosher Food process removes all impurities from the meat by washing it in water, salt, or brine. This process ensures that all animal fat is completely removed from the core, resulting in a more tender product. It would become tough if a piece of glatt kosher beef ever came into contact with any grease still attached to the muscle.

4. The meat must also be appropriately rinsed, which is why Glatt Kosher Food is sold with a clear red rinsing liquid included.

5. The result of all of the previous efforts is a product that has more flavor and less fat than that produced by non-glatt kosher establishments.

Why is Kosher Bison Considered To Be Health?

1. Kosher Bison meat must be offered to the public during Tishrei. When meat is appropriately glatt kosher, it is healthy and pleasant to eat and can be provided to everyone, regardless of their religion.

2. The correct way to cut a piece of Kosher Bison meat is with a knife and fork. The cutter must slice horizontally through the heart from one end to another so that it is not “cut” into smaller pieces.

3. A kosher piece of meat must be sold with its bone still attached, even if it is fat and has only a little heart. It is to ensure that the customers will not mistakenly think they are purchasing a piece of non-kosher meat as the bone would be removed before the sale if it was not glatt kosher.

4. Kosher Bison meat has a thick, dark red membrane lining its inside. This membrane is called the “glatt”. The glatt is what makes Kosher Bison meat so healthy.

5. When Kosher Bison meat is properly glatt kosher, it contains no fat on its surface but a thick brown layer of fat under the glatt membrane.

6. Kosher Bison meat does not have any unpleasant odor. It only smells like pure, clean meat.


We at L’chaim Meats offer Kosher Bison meat, which is appropriately glatt kosher and kosher. We offer Bison meat in many ways, and our customers are always pleased with the quality of our products. The high quality of our Bison is guaranteed as we offer a money-back guarantee. If you ever have a problem with any of the meat you purchased from us, call at tel:1-954-323-4557, and we will be happy to serve you.

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