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Single Family Homes What You Should Know 

by janeausten

There is so much you need to know in the world of real estate today, especially if you are trying to invest for the first time. Understanding these numerous terms will help you properly describe the type of property you want. It is also necessary to help you familiarize yourself with every financial detail of taking out mortgages. 

One of these common terms in real estate is a single-family home. Although it sounds self-explanatory, there is much you need to know about this type of residential home. In this blog, we will discuss what you should know about single family homes in Burbank.


To a layman, a single family home is a freestanding home set apart from its own piece of property. This residential home is an independent structure sitting on it’s own piece of land and designed as a dwelling unit for an individual. It comprises a single kitchen, shared utilities, and walls.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, single-family homes can either be fully detached, semi-detached, a townhome, or a row house. In cases where a house is attached to other homes, it must be separated from the adjacent unit by a ground-to-roof wall before it is considered a single family home.

On the other hand, when they are attached in some way, these single family homes in Burbank must not share utilities, air-conditioning systems, or heating systems, nor should they have units located above or below.

Difference between single-family homes and multi-family homes?

Sometimes, single properties host multiple units, especially when the structure has two small apartments upstairs and a primary residence downstairs. However, compared to multi family homes in Burbank, single family homes do not have multiple units because it does not meet the housing requirement of the U.S. government agency. A multi family homes in Burbank should have multiple units, share interior walls, and have it’s own kitchen and utilities.

Benefits of living in single family homes 

There are numerous benefits of living in single family homes in Burbank however, this depends on your location and the type of property you are considering. They include the following;

1. Privacy 

You will enjoy more privacy with single family homes in Burbank since they sit on a parcel of private property, don’t share walls, etc. This also eliminates the level of disturbance you may experience since there are no neighbors sharing walls with you. 

2. Space

Most times single-family homes are bigger compared to multifamily homes in Burbank. Perhaps this is because they have more interior and exterior storage space, including a garage, shed, or barn.

3. Exterior options

Single family homes in Burbank have more exterior options, which allow you to personalize your landscaping easily. You can also build and modify the structure easily using this type of residential home.

Who are single-family homes best for?

There are no homes perfectly designed to suit everyone’s taste. While some homeowners will prefer single-family homes with huge yard and lots of rooms to spread out, others prefer multi family homes in Burbank that allows them to earn rental income. They are also low-maintenance condos and townhomes with HOA benefits such as snow removal, landscaping, and exterior maintenance.

Typically, single family homes are best designed for families that want to enjoy the luxury of more space and privacy. It is also designed for families with the time and money needed for the general upkeep and maintenance of their yards.


Single family homes in Burbank are one of the most popular types of residential out there. Although the availability of space and privacy is appealing, this type of residential home also comes with added costs and responsibilities, especially when choosing the right choice for you and your family.

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