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How To Become A Digital Marketing Analyst

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How To Become A Digital Marketing Analyst

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The most common problem is that not all businesses have a well-thought-out, complex, measurable, and executable online marketing strategy, and so even the best online marketing campaign is unlikely to effectively support the business objectives to be achieved. The online strategy is a part of the global marketing strategy, which can optimally be derived from the company’s business and marketing objectives. For small businesses, online advertising is often the only available and affordable online marketing tool, so it is particularly important to be aware of how to plan and invest in your online marketing activities.

What is an online marketing strategy?

At a high level, an online marketing strategy aims to support a business in achieving its business goals, which in most cases means increasing profitability in some way.

This can be done in many different ways, but it means a mix of the following objectives:

  • Acquiring new customers through online means – generating the most valuable leads/customers possible, in the greatest number and at the lowest possible conversion cost.
  • Increasing loyalty of existing customers – increasing purchase value and/or frequency.
  • Usually, the two objectives are identified in parallel, but in each case, you need to determine which is more important to you. In the strategy, we need to define where we want to start and where we want to go using the right online tools. For example, if we want to reach new customers, we must first identify new potential target groups and develop the most attractive offer for them, and then target it as precisely as possible through different campaigns.
  • If you want to communicate to your existing customers, you will need to use completely different tools and messages – for example, you will most likely need to put more emphasis on remarketing solutions and newsletter marketing. For larger companies, employer branding, i.e. communicating to employees, may also play an important role, which also requires completely different tools, but again, we need to think about a different strategy if our main goal is to increase our credibility.

How to create a comprehensive online marketing strategy?

1. Capture the buyer personas

A buyer persona is a fictitious persona. To create any marketing strategy, you need to know who your target audience is. The most successful digital marketing strategies are almost always built around very detailed buyer personas.

Buyer personas embody our ideal buyer/customer and we can build them based on long research, surveys, and interviews. It is important to do this based on real data where possible, not assumptions.

2. Define our main objectives and the means to achieve them

Our marketing objectives should always be linked to our core business objectives. Whatever your main marketing objective, you need to know how you will measure its achievement, but more importantly, you need to be able to accurately measure the results (e.g. you need to have the right website metrics). Having the right metrics in place is key to tracking your results and fine-tuning your strategy.

And what tools can you use to measure the performance of your website? I’ll give you a brief but clear introduction to the two tools I prefer, so you’ll want to use at least one, and maybe both, of these web analytics tools. One is the heatmap and the other is the session replay.

By recording and viewing session replays, you can benefit from:

  • Understand content errors that cause users to leave
  • You can easily identify program errors and layout errors with session replays
  • Helps you identify when and why users are leaving your sales channel
  • Allows you to understand the user experience by tracking every step of the user journey

And if you want to use a heatmap to make your website more effective, here are some of the positive features of heatmaps:

  • Better conversion rate
  • Improved call-to-action buttons
  • Improve bounce rate
  • help you better understand your customers
  • Improve the visual content of your website
  • Improve content layout


3. Audit and design your online presence

At the heart of a company’s online strategy is its media, which is effectively its content. Every message we publish about our brand or product is called content, whether it’s an ‘About Us’ menu on our website, product information or blog articles, e-books, infographics, or social media posts. Owned content helps convert website visitors into interested visitors or customers/clients, helps improve the online presence of our brand and, if optimized, also provides effective organic search visibility. Whatever our main marketing objective, owned media is at the heart of it and forms the basis of our digital marketing strategy.

Now is the time to bring all the information together to create a single online strategy document. Let’s remember what exactly a digital strategy is: a series of online marketing actions/campaigns that will ensure that the marketing objective is achieved. Your online marketing strategy should therefore provide a coherent set of actions that will enable you to achieve your goal. A document in the form of a table can be ideal to summarise your strategy.

To summarise

The preparation of a professional and comprehensive annual online marketing strategy requires thorough prior research and the ability to objectively evaluate, without which strategic marketing planning is impossible. A digital marketing strategy will be a unique plan tailored to your company and your product/service, making it impossible to create a generic online marketing strategy template, for example.

It’s easy to lose focus in the day-to-day tasks and in dealing with new demands from other disciplines. If we have a comprehensive, targeted strategy that supports our core purpose, then when a completely different, random request comes in, we can politely and objectively say we do not recommend it (not audited, not forecastable, or otherwise not recommended) because this activity fundamentally does not support our business objectives, it would just result in unnecessary marketing spend without supporting the core business objective.

Let’s not lose sight of the main purpose of strategic planning: to achieve our marketing objective by consistently following and fine-tuning it, which in turn supports the achievement of our main bushttps://capturly.com/blog/using-web-analytics-to-increase-online-sales/iness objective.

If you don’t want to invest a lot of time and effort in creating a complex online marketing strategy yourself, or if you are having difficulties getting started, ask an expert agency to help you and use one of the services they offer, be it a heatmap or a session replay.

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