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long distance friendship lamps

Long distance friendship lamps, also known as touch lamps are the devices which are considered to be a great solution for anyone who is separated by distance and apart from friends, this can also include family and couples. These are one of the best ways to stay connected or to light up the life of your loved ones. 

Friendship lamps are basically two or more lamps which are synchronised to each other through an internet connection. So when one person taps on the lamp, the other connected lamp also gets lit up which makes your loved one know that you are thinking or remembering them. But as there are many options available in the market, it is tough to choose which one is best among all. 

So as you scroll down, you will find details of two of the best lamps which are available in the market and also about the things that you must consider before buying these lamps. So keep reading to find out all the information.

Names of some of the best long distance friendship lamps

As there are various options available of different brands, below we have mentioned the names of some of the best long distance lamps which you should definitely buy. These are as follows:

  1. LuvLink Friendship Lamps- LuvLink offers these distance touch lamps which are a beautiful way to stay connected to your loved ones. They offer completely minimal yet stylish designs which are incorporated in a wood-like base, which will suit in almost every room of your house and apartment. 

Not only do they have their original design, but have also made their friendship lamps technology available in four more designs which you can always check on their website.

Some of the best things about these lamps are:

  1. Each of their lamps is designed in such a way that they can be paired together, which means you don’t have to necessarily take two of the same lamps. Instead you can choose the design which goes best with your personal room decor.
  2. Using these lamps is very easy as you just need to touch the top of the lamp which will make the connected lamp or the group of lamps light up. It usually lights up for 30 minutes after you touch it and start to dim slowly after that. If another connected lamp is touched, then the possess will be restarted. 
  1. If we talk about the lamp colours using the LED lights, it is available in more than 7 different colours which includes white also. So this gives you the perfect opportunity to get a specific colour which has some meaning for both of you. For instance, ‘Ready to video chat’, ‘Good morning’, ‘I love you’, ‘I’m thinking about you’ etc.
  2. The setup of these long distance friendship lamps is another important thing and they have made it easy for their users, especially when it comes to families which have seniors. So the team of LuvLink has created an App which makes the whole setup of the lamps very easy as there are just minimal steps for the user which needs to be followed. They also made visual guides for the users to understand better.

Before using the app, you could only make the lamp light up in the chase colour for each other, but with the app, you can do a lot more.

So the list of the things that you can do with the LuvLink app are:

  1. You can set up colour codes, name them and then share it with your friend so that you both know what it means.
  2. Whether you are anywhere or somewhere far from the lamp, you can still make the lamp light up through the app.
  3. There are unlimited colour options available in the app. So when you tap the lamp, you can choose from 17 different options. 
  4. You can create a sleep timer through the app and select the brightness of the light.
  5. You can also create animals through it, so that your lamp lights up in different ways and not only in one colour.
  6. Long distance friendship lamps touch by Tactus- So tactus is another group which has created amazing long distance lamps. Like other lamps, here also you can connect two or more of them together which makes it perfect for friends, couples and families. It also has different light modes like strobe fade, flash and smooth options.

But there are few things about these lamps that differ from others which are as:

  1. Remote Control- These lamps use a remote to adjust the colours, brightness and the light mode of the lamp. 
  2. Eco-Friendly- The lamps of Tactus are made of sustainable plywood which makes them eco-friendly and more reliable.
  3. Customizable- As the laser cutter was used to make the housing and while the heart looks great, you can also pick any design that you like and not only one particular design.
  4. Gift Wrapping- Unlike other brands, Tactus also offers amazing gift wrapping for its buyers.

Now, after knowing about two of the best lams available, it is also important to know about the things that you should consider before buying these lamps. So check out below.

What are the things to consider before buying long distance friendship lamps?

Some of the key points that you should consider are as:

  1. Wifi Connection- as lamps require a good internet connection, so make sure both of you have internet connection. 
  2. Power Adapters- make sure you get an adapter in case the lamp’s power socket is not available at your friend’s location.
  3. Usage- consider things like time zone, accommodations and job to make sure whether it’s suitable to buy or not.
  4. Budget- check your budget and only look out for options that you can afford. 
  5. Style- try to pick lamps which can look great in different locations. 

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Long distance friendship lamps are truly the best way to stay connected with your long distance friends or even family members. Just take a minute and think how your friend or loved ones would react after seeing the lamp light up in the colour that you chose and knowing that you are thinking about them at that particular moment. They will definitely feel very special and emotional and what’s better than that, right? 

So now it’s your turn! Choose the lamp which you like most (above mentioned are some of the best available) for your friends to not only stay connected with them but also to make them feel special. Afterall, Good Friends are Life! 

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