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Tips for choosing the best pet-friendly hotel while travelling with your dog

by janeausten

Pets are a big part of the family, and more and more people are planning vacations and trips with their pets in mind. As pet travel has become easier, people all over the world take their dogs on vacation with them.

If you are travelling with your dog, it is very important to find a hotel that is Leavenworth pet friendly lodging. A great vacation for you and your pet is at a hotel that lets you bring your pet and has great amenities for pets. Before you go on your next trip with your dog, use these tips to make sure you both have a relaxing and stress-free time.

Is the hotel truly pet-friendly?

A lot of hotels that say they are pet-friendly aren’t really. Call ahead before making a reservation to find out if the hotel is really pet-friendly and what it has to offer pets. Some hotels are known to have dog runs, dog food on request, dog grooming, dog treats at check-in, and even dog-sitting services for when you want to go out to eat without your dog.

Before making a reservation, it’s a good idea to call the hotel and find out if they allow pets. Rules are often changed, and the hotel’s website may not always reflect these changes. Some things to look into are:

  • Does the whole hotel allow pets, or do they have to stay in certain areas?
  • Can you leave your pet in the room alone?
  • When the pets are in the room, do they have to be in a crate?
  • Does the hotel have pet sitters that you can pay for?

Check for hidden pet fees

Most hotels charge a fee if you want to bring your pet with you. But some hotels have costs that are not obvious when you book. Some hotels are known to charge pet owners a big deposit that they can’t get back and cleaning fees. Before making a reservation, call the hotel to find out if the pet fees are per night, per pet, or for the whole length of your stay.

Breed and weight restrictions

Some hotels also have the Best Pet Friendly lodges in Leavenworth WA where pets are not allowed. It’s important to know what your pet is allowed to do before making a reservation. Some pet-friendly hotels limit how many pets each guest can bring into the room. So, if you are taking more than one pet with you, you should check the hotel’s pet policy before making a reservation.

Pet-friendly activities

If you’re going on vacation with your dog, look around the hotel for places to eat and things to do that are pet-friendly. Look for public gardens or parks where you can walk your dog, dog-friendly beaches, trails and hikes you can take with your pet friend, and other things you can do together.

International pet transport

You can have a great time on vacation with your pet, and you won’t have to worry about what will happen to your pet while you are away. But a vacation can be ruined by staying at a hotel that doesn’t have many things for pets. Pick a hotel that lets you bring your pet and makes sure it’s comfortable.

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