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NOSH EMR Software vs OneTouch EMR Software: Managing Healthcare in 2022 

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There are various tools available for practice management these days. Each practice management EMR (electronic medical record) has specific features. However, most of them offer tools for patient record management, electronic prescriptions, and medical charting. This is a comparison of NOSH EMR software vs OneTouch EMR. It will analyze their key features and share their pricing details to decide which of the two you should purchase.  

NOSH (New Open-Source Health) is an open-source clinical management tools and can be used to manage patient records. Its straightforward but adaptable design enables clinicians to develop their practices as they see appropriate. It allows for scheduling, patient registration and charting, communications, messaging, and supply management, among other things. A care timeline organizes and shows patient encounters chronologically. 

OneTouch EMR is a cloud-based EMR that assists in managing patients’ medical histories. Remote access to the solution is possible via mobile devices running various operating systems, such as iOS and Android. OneTouch EMR, as an ONC-ATCB Certified system, may be utilized by clinicians seeking to meet Meaningful Use requirements. It offers compensation to doctors by assisting them in managing note-taking skills and acting as a virtual coding assistant. 

OneTouch EHR Software Key Features


This feature gives physicians a daily glimpse of the schedule, orders, labs, patient information, and more. It also gives them the ability to organize from a single location. 


This solution’s calendar function displays up to five providers’ schedules simultaneously. It enables schedule changes and appointment creation. 

Appointment Summary 

Using this tool, clinicians may encounter relevant patient facts and acquire a comprehensive picture before making treatment decisions. 

Billing Tool 

The patient encounter summary has a superbill function, and the Service level may be selected from a drop-down list. Superbills can be exported as a PDF or printed after admin clearance. 

Treatment Plan  

Patients can enroll in health maintenance plans, fill medications, and obtain orders from outside clinics using this function. This system also helps with lab administration and procedure request management. 

Lab Integration 

The lab connection feature enables you to arrange tests for patients from your clinic, making things easier for both you and your patient. Furthermore, once test results are ready, you can access them directly from your EMR application. Since you can obtain critical test results quickly, you can give your patients a more accurate diagnosis. 

Medical Reports 

In-platform reports such as labs, prescription refills, clinical, meaningful use, and health maintenance may be created and exported. 

One Touch EMR Pricing  

The vendor on the official website does not provide the cost of the OneTouch EMR. You can get a customized quote by contacting the sales team of the OneTouch software. The pricing details are shared when you fill in a simple form with details about your practice. 

One Touch EMR Demo  

You can also learn more about the OneTouch EMR software by watching a live demo of the software. You can request the demo by contacting the OneTouch support staff.

One Touch EMR Reviews 

According to the OneTouch EMR reviews, it is a reliable tool.  The OneTouch EMR has a simple interface that is easy to navigate.  NOSH has improved the “workflows of our healthcare providers.” However, the OneTouch EMR slows down after too many commands.  

NOSH EHR Software Key Features 

Medical Reports 

Reports generated automatically keep practitioners up to date. These include, among other things, contemporary medical problems and supply issues. To customize reports, utilize tags or the default search criteria. 

Medical Records 

Customizable reports in the records provide more complete and relevant information before interactions. Doctors can tailor the medical history, physical examination, and system evaluation templates to suit their own needs. Customized electronic forms may be given, filled out, and stored alongside the patient’s medical information through the patient portal. 

Practice Management  

From a single platform, practices may handle scheduling, patients, medical data, inventory, finances, and more. Import/export integrations, alerts, and individualized patient data and communications aid in the organization of physicians, assistants, billers, and even patients. 

Medical Data Documentation 

The charts cover demographics, present issues, medications, supplements, and past experiences. It has an internal document generating and management system that interfaces with the patient portal, as well as a system for automated notification and reminders. 

Clinics can see exactly what they need and desire with personalized patient records and charts, which helps to speed up and improve therapy. With a configurable patient information display, doctors may design comfortable and in-depth reports. 

Patient Portal 

A patient login allows patients to contact their doctor, arrange appointments, complete paperwork, keep track of their medical information, and set up email and SMS reminders. Portals for providers, billers, and helpers provide diverse access capabilities and security. 

NOSH EMR Pricing  

The cost of the NOSH EHR depends on the size of the practice. You can get a customized quote for your practice by contacting the NOSH sales representatives.  


You can also schedule a NOSH EMR demo if you want to see how it is the right choice for your practice. You can watch the NOSH EMR in action to learn about its features and capabilities.  

NOSH EMR Reviews 

According to the NOSH EMR reviews, it is a dependable solution for private medical practices. It can be used to improve patient care by simplifying patient data.

Final Call…NOSH EHR vs OneTouch EMR  

Ambulatory care facilities have been at the forefront of NOSH EHR. The central concern is to give health practitioners an electronic medical record that is user-friendly, trendy, rapid, and inexpensive. 

OneTouch EMR offers scheduling, reminders, and a client portal to practitioners.  It integrates encrypted conversations for secure communication through NOSH portal. Other features include templates, automatic order entry, and digital forms. It also comes with practice management tools, enhanced tagging capabilities, charting, and alerts are supplied to customers for producing patient-education materials. 

Choosing software for your medical practice can be a complicated decision to make. However, based on this comparison, you can easily compare the features of NOSH and OneTouch. If you are interested in learning more about them, you can also schedule their respective demos.  

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