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A Guide For Doctors On Finding Employment In Canada

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The healthcare system in Canada

Medicare is a comprehensive healthcare program available to all Canadians. It is funded by the public.

The service covers all medically necessary hospital services regardless of one’s ability to pay.

The healthcare system is built on primary care. There is no cost to patients for medical consultations or treatment, and they can talk directly to specialists without having to have a doctor refer them.


You will need to apply for a work permit at the Canadian High Commission before you leave the UK. This is only granted in response to a government-approved temporary employment offer.

The sop for Canada Employment Centre must then verify that no qualified citizens or permanent residents of Canada are available to take on the position.

The immigration procedure in Quebec is distinct but similar.

Additionally, you will require a medical examination by a licensed general practitioner. 

Contact the Canadian High Commission in London for additional information regarding the requirements for immigration.

International medical graduates

International medical graduates, or IMGs, are the terms used by the majority of healthcare organizations to describe physicians who received their education outside of the United States.

This may include doctors from a variety of backgrounds:

may have a lot of independent practice experience in their country; 

may have just finished medical school; 

may have completed a residency training program;

 may have gone directly into practice without requiring a residency;

 may come from a country with a medical education system that is similar to Canada’s or very different from Canada’s.

An individual who has graduated from a medical school that is not accredited in either Canada or the United States (by the Committee on Accreditation of Canadian Medical Schools or by the Liaison Committee on Medical Education in the United States) is an IMG, according to the Medical Council of Canada. IMGs are people who have graduated from a U.S. school of osteopathic medicine that is accredited by the American Osteopathic Association.

Finding a Job in Canada

In November 2021, employment in Canada increased above pre-COVID levels, making it an ideal time for job seekers. The following is a list of resources that you might find useful in your job search.

Job Bank of Canada:

You can use this tool to find Canada jobs for doctors advertised by employers across Canada. Your credentials and work experience may be used to match you with a position.

Jobs in the Canadian government: Locate current government job openings in Canada.

Working as a student: Conduct a search of the Canadian government’s and private employers’ job listings for students.

What is the minimum salary for Medical Professionals in Canada?

is the query that piques people’s interest. Medical careers not only offer the opportunity to assist the less fortunate, but they also offer lucrative pay. Anyone would be curious about the financial benefits of any career before pursuing it. The question, “How much do Canadian doctors earn in a year,” is a perennial one among students who want to pursue a career in medicine. or, what is the typical salary for a doctor in Canada?
The number of patients they see each day, the amount they are able to bill for each patient, and the province in which they work all play a role in determining the average doctor salary Canada, which ranges from $278,000 for psychiatrists to over $769,000 for ophthalmologists. The majority of Canadian doctors’ salaries are heavily influenced by the number of patients seen each day, which is one of the three mentioned factors.

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