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Reasons To Maintain Dukane Nurse Call System

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Dukane Nurse Call System provides healthcare facility staff, patients, and visitors easy access to immediate, actionable, reliable care during an emergency. With all their services, nationwide facilities have recognized them as trusted resources. There are many reasons a facility should maintain this advanced system to ensure strong safety within their institution. It is a complete patient monitoring and assistance system that can transfer alerts and data immediately to nearby clinical staff.

This system is unlike any other on the market because each room has a 24-hour nurse call button. Customers can connect their nurse call button directly to their cell or landline phone. In addition, the individual can also write down their instructions on what they would like to communicate.

Benefits of Using the Dukane Nurse Call System


The system can be set up to create a systey page alert and activate a paging notification for the entire healthcare facility.The alerts are sent via text message, and an instant connection is made by nearby clinical staff. Dukane Nurse Call allows to additional safety in that nurses, and other staff will be notified immediately about the emergency and how many patients are involved. In addition, many other features can make it possible for each patient to receive a much quicker response whenever an emergency occurs.

Speed of Response

The system can be set up to notify the customer in the room when a page has been received from a facility nurse or doctor. It ensures that the patient will be given fast and accurate information about what is happening with themselves and nearby patients, if any are involved. However, the Dukane Nurse Call System will allow for quick response times by nearby staff members, which is one of the most widely used systems nationwide.

Protects Patient Privacy

In addition, each page will always be kept private. Hospital information is never distribute to bystanders in any situation of an emergency. The system takes the concept of one-way communication into account and will bring back privacy in emergencies.

Patient Care

The system offers quick access to actionable information that might require in a any situation. For example, a patient can quickly dial 911 and ask for help if they need it. They can also call the nurse’s station via the Nurse Call Nurse Station button in their room to receive patient care instructions throughout the day. By having direct access to their preferred staff, Dukane Nurse Call System allows for constant patient monitoring and helps ensure they receive the best care possible at all times.


Dukane Nurse Call is one of the most widely use for systems throughout the nation. The nurse call maintenance system provides individuals with direct access to cell phones and an established medical facility. It allows them to communicate any emergency requests for care more quickly and effectively.

This system is highly recommended for major healthcare facilities such as hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities and more. It is approved in the nation by the National Joint Commission for nursing home quality of care standards.

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