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8 Stunning Designs kundan artificial jewellery set for Wedding

by janeausten
8 Stunning Designs kundan artificial jewellery set for Wedding

Brides’ top choices for jewellery, especially in North India, are kundan artificial jewellery set. With its pure gold frame and embellished mirror work, this jewelry has a distinctive appeal and is connected with wealth and elegance. Wearing a gorgeous set of Kundan ethnic jewellery set will help you stand out in the crowd and be a terrific choice for your wedding day.

To learn what kinds of patterns you should be looking for, take a look at these choices for kundan wedding jewellery!

1. White & Red Kundan Jewellery Set design

Here, we have a stunning collection of Kundan jewellery in the colors red and white. This princess necklace is embellished with priceless red stones and set with Kundan stones. The design is elegant, and the color scheme well highlights the red of the bridal attire.

2. Green & white kundan artificial jewellery set

This green & white Kundan jewellery set has a really imposing design and a very bridal appearance. A highly regal appearance is created by the identical designs of the kundan bridal choker set, danglers, and Matha Patti. The design is given a distinctive element of color by the emeralds’ green hue, which creates a lovely contrast with the red lehenga.

3. Kundan ethnic necklace & Maang Tikka set

Among the elaborately created Kundan jewellery worn by the bride and groom is a necklace with green emerald stones that adds an additional pop of color. The pattern complements the bride’s red bridal attire and enhances her beauty on her wedding day.

4. Pearl kundan set

You might choose a set like this one if you want to go above and above and get a pearl kundan set that is absolutely amazing. The Satlada necklace’s magnificence is increased by its seven-layered construction. The choker is lavishly embellished with Kundan and has a lot of sparkles. Everyone will be impressed by the brilliance of this kundan jewellery set.

5. Ruby Kundan & Rani Haar imitation jewellery set

The intricate bridal kundan jewellery set with a large princess necklace and a floral pendant is the next item on this list of Kundan jewellery set designs. To push things even further, it also includes a long, flowing Rani Haar. The earrings and nose ring complete the Kundan theme and fill out the appearance.

6. Green-accented Kundan Jewelry Set

This Kundan jewellery set has a royal green lining that contrasts with the gold color to further enhance the set’s attractiveness. This jewellery set would be appropriate for a medieval queen because of the two necklaces, extensive usage of gold, and exquisite Kundan craftsmanship. It significantly enhances the outfit’s royalty.

7. Men’s Kundan Jewelry

In many Indian traditions, males have purposefully donned heavy jewellery and valuable stones and metals to look royal and demonstrate their riches, despite the fact that jewellery is generally more associated with women than with men. You have every right to feel and be magnificent on your wedding day, and if you wish to wear bridal jewellery, now is the time! You could also choose a necklace with a similar flow, and you and the bride could compete to see who could wear the greatest set of jewellery.

8. Matha Patti, bracelet, and kundan necklace

The following Kundan jewellery set design has a tasteful and regal-looking ensemble that lets the gold shine in all its splendor. On the floral Matha Patti, the bracelet, and the necklace, there is a substantial exhibition of Kundan craftsmanship. All of the other females at the wedding will desire your jewellery set because the design goes with any type of attire.

Where to find the kundan artificial jewellery set?

The highest quality kundan jewellery in India with unique designs can be found at Swarajshop, buy artificial kundan jewellery online from https://www.swarajshop.com/. We have a large selection of jewelry, including kundan chokers, bracelets, cuffs, nose rings, finger rings, arm bracelets, anklets, and head accessories, in our starry assortment of Kundan decorations. Our collection showcases unique concepts, ranging from breathtaking and traditional ethnic motifs to stunning modern ranges like a floral, animal, and cosmic patterns, etc.

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