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Types of Chefs in India: The Complete Guide

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Chefs play an important role in the catering & hospitality sector. Besides cooking delicious food, chefs design menus, analyze consumer preferences, and match market trends to present dishes satisfying everyone’s cravings. The need for chefs has grown significantly along with the hospitality job industry.

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Types of Chef Jobs

Culinary experts and chefs cook delectable delicacies for the hotel/restaurant menu. Let’s take a look at the different types of chefs working in a commercial kitchen:

Pastry Chef

Pastry chefs make different types of bread, pastries, and sweets. However, they play more than just a dessert-making role. They also assist in creating the dessert menu’s layout and selecting the prices to appear next to each item.

Executive Chef

The head chef, usually referred to as the executive chef, is in charge of the kitchen. They support the owner in developing the restaurant’s menu and deciding on the costs of each item on the menu. Executive chefs are in charge of all financial aspects of the kitchen, including selecting vendors and purchasing kitchen appliances.

Sous Chef

In the absence of the head chefs, the sous chefs take over as the second in command. Depending on the size, a restaurant may have more than one sous chef. They are in charge of keeping an inventory check. They directly obey the chief chef’s commands and also instruct the other chefs.

Commis Chef

An assistant to the head chef, a commis chef supports them by preparing delicious food, assisting with delivery and restocking, and helping to uphold food and safety regulations. In addition to their culinary expertise, they also have a strong attention to detail, a grasp of current cuisine trends, and team management skills.

Head Chef

They are primarily in charge of kitchen activities associated with cooking and are also known as Chef de cuisine. Their obligations include:

  • Creating meals based on the clientele and design of the venue
  • Coordinating with the food suppliers and vendors
  • Controlling the kitchen expenses
  • Cooking delicious meals daily
  • Training the employees, especially the junior interns and sous chefs.

Difference between a chef and a cook

Although they collaborate closely in the kitchen, their roles differ. Chefs are in charge of planning and coordinating essential activities, including preparing new menu items. Chefs usually have a professional degree or training in this area.

Cooks, on the other hand, help head and sous chefs with meal preparation. They merely carry out the orders of head chefs rather than contributing to the preparation of new dishes. Specifically, the grill section will have its own cook who will be mainly involved in the grilling process, and the fry section will have its own cook who only deals with frying food items. Each kitchen counter has a designated cook.

Salary Range for Major Chefs in India

Head Chef:    ₹2L – 20L

Sous Chef:    ₹2L – 12L

Pastry Chef:  ₹1L – 10L

Source: PayScale

Where can chefs work

Chef career opportunities are open to more than conventional kitchens in the modern culinary world. They can also work at:

  • Resorts and spas
  • Restaurants
  • Bed and breakfasts
  • Campgrounds
  • Cruise lines
  • Hotels and motels
  • Extended stay and Retirement homes
  • Railroads
  • Amusement parks
  • Country clubs
  • Convention and Exposition Centers

Closing Thoughts

Being a chef is an excellent career choice if you love to cook and serve delicious food. This blog would have helped you understand the different types of chefs and their specific roles, which will undoubtedly help you on your path to a rewarding career. Keep the will to succeed blazing within you, and try out new chances as they present themselves.

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