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How To Remodel A Home For A Growing Family

by janeausten
Bellevue home remodeling

Are you struggling to accommodate your growing family in this current home? The home was built years ago and the layout was based on the needs of that era.  Lately, there has been an increase in family member headcount and you could be pondering over the idea of relocation. However, at the same time, you may have been emotionally attached to your home and hence in two minds. Your fallback option here is remodeling work and you can visit Victory Home Remodeling website to book a service. It is possible to remodel your Bellevuehome to accommodate your growing family. 

The remodeling industry offers a vast range of services and can transform the home to adjust to the needs of a growing family. Here are certain things that a remodeling company can do keeping in mind the needs of your big family. 

A room addition

A bigger family will need more space and the remodeling team can expand your home to build for you a room. This newly created space can be anything from a kid’s room to a home office for your use. The basic concept will be to enhance square footage and create more living areas. 

A second story 

This project will be slightly more capital-intensive, but you can always plan it, and this way you can create optimum space for your growing family. Here are three benefits to seek, as you insist on a second-story build in your home. 

  • You get more living areas but without having to compromise on the backyard space. 
  • The landscape view from the second story will be great. 
  • Sometime later and in a different scenario, you can always ponder over the idea of leasing the ground floor to the tenant. 

Switch to an open floor plan 

With a remodeling team by your side, you can always consider transforming to an open floor plan. You are cramped for space and by knocking down a few walls, the purpose will be served. The task may require a building permit and these issues will be addressed by the remodeling team. They will execute the plan and create more space. 

Add or expand the bathroom

This is another remodeling task that will be necessary for a home that is struggling with an additional member headcount. Two things can be done with the bathroom and here are the details. 

  • The current bathroom can be expanded to fit in additional utilities such as a second sink. This way more than two people can use the space. 
  • You can plan for a conversion of a powder room into a master bath.  This will make sure that family members do not fight over bathroom space early in the morning. 


These are some remodeling ideas that can be incorporated to suit the needs of a growing family. The remodeling team will have more ideas and it is not always that you will have to plan for relocation. After incorporating these changes, you can continue to live in that same home with your family. 

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