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What All is Included in Commercial Landlords Insurance and Why is it Beneficial?

by janeausten

Commercial Landlords Insurance benefits the landlord by covering the loss from fire, theft, and water damage. This insurance is a type of property insurance that covers the physical structure of your building. It could also include personal property such as clothing, furniture, and the contents of your business. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be expensive! Landlord insurance is generally covered in one premium payment with yearly renewal options.

Benefits include fire and theft coverage, liability coverage for damage caused by people on the premises, and flood insurance if you own a business within commercial properties prone to flooding.

Reasons To Choose Commercial Landlords Insurance

1. Commercial Landlords Insurance protects the property from fire, theft, and vandals, including buildings and personal property. 

If a boiler pipe breaks or your furnace goes out, the landlord’s insurance policy could cover the water damage. This coverage is available if renting out a retail location or an office space. Your insurance may include business interruption coverage as well. That allows you to rent other space temporarily to bring your business back online after a disaster.

2. Renters Insurance: 

Landlords can offer renters insurance as an option to their tenants. It is beneficial to both the tenant and the landlord. For example, if a major disaster occurs and results in damage to the tenant’s personal property, they can receive financial compensation for their loss.

3. Liability insurance: 

If a person becomes injured on the property or trips on a stairway and sues you, liability insurance may be able to help pay that legal obligation.

4. Personal property coverage: Your Commercial landlords Insurance can help replace or repair some of the items inside your building. For instance, if you have computers, servers, or fax machines for your business (or tenants’ businesses) that are stolen, damaged, or destroyed by a disaster, this coverage can cover the cost of replacing them.

6. Replacement coverage: 

If your building is destroyed or damaged beyond repair, insurance will cover the cost for you to replace it.

7. Flood coverage: 

Commercial landlords may need flood insurance if water flows over a certain level in the building. It is also recommended if your property is located in an area with a high risk of flooding.

8. Abandoned property coverage: 

If someone leaves personal property behind after moving out, this coverage can help pay for storage or removal charges.

9. Alternative dwelling coverage: 

Suppose you need to live in a different home while your property is being repaired, and you can’t wait for the insurance company to pay out. In that case, this coverage may help by paying to rent another property, as long as you meet the terms of your policy and it applies.

10. Business interruption coverage: 

If your business is struggling from a disaster, this coverage helps to temporarily support your business until repairs are made on your building or other location.

Benefits of Commercial Landlords Insurance

1. Landlords, property owners, and managers can be held responsible for the actions of their tenants or customers. Commercial Landlords Insurance can help cover these costs. For example, if a tenant’s customer or an employee causes a fire in a store or damages property, this insurance will help to cover your losses.

2. You may be financially responsible for legal expenses and fees if someone is injured on your property. This coverage can help you pay those fees and compensation that may be awarded for injuries suffered by others.

3. If a tenant breaks a lease and leaves the premises, you may be responsible for paying the rent until another tenant moves in.

4. Leases often require you to pay for water damage, theft, or other property damage that tenants or employees cause. These damages may be covered under commercial landlord’s insurance with no out-of-pocket expenses on your part.

5. Commercial Landlords Insurance can help keep your business running smoothly with minimal interruptions. It may help to pay for repairs or replacement parts after a disaster, and it helps to cover lawsuits if someone is injured on your property or if a fire or other items are damaged.

6. Homeowners’ insurance may not cover the total replacement cost of the entire building. Commercial Landlords Insurance can help you get coverage for more of your losses – and the amount of damage the policy can cover depends on how much coverage you buy and how much is needed.


Commercial landlord insurance is not a bad deal at all. It’s insurance that goes with the rental property/building. Renters and commercial tenants can get renters insurance; however, it is best to have commercial landlord insurance when the building is part of your business. Don’t be caught off-guard if a tenant’s pet destroys a piece of furniture or someone at the business trips and falls and sues your business. This insurance can help protect you financially after a disaster strikes.

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