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7 Tips to Create Successful Instagram Stories

by janeausten
7 Tips to Create Successful Instagram Stories

Did you know that 500 million Instagram accounts use Instagram Stories every day and that 1/3 of the most viewed stories come from companies *? The data are clear. Instagram Stories are increasingly relevant and successful in a well-planned and aware marketing and communication strategy.

The great advantage of Instagram Stories is to make the most of the screen of mobile devices, offering companies a space with far fewer distractions in which to communicate and totally involving the user in the experience they are experiencing.

In short, Instagram Stories are a tool that you need to integrate into your communication strategy and that allows you to achieve different objectives, from interaction, to notoriety, to memory, to conversion.

Now, the question is: how to create successful Instagram Stories? Stop for a few minutes, because I’m about to suggest 7 useful and concrete tips.

How to create successful Instagram Stories

Let’s analyze one by one the 7 tips to follow to create success stories. Read them calmly and experiment.

Over time you will surely be able to obtain excellent results. Start reading and in the meantime, keep your smartphone handy.

1. Respect the requirements in the design phase

Knowing and respecting the technical and graphic specifications is essential to create high quality, attractive and engaging Instagram Stories. Here they are, as Facebook itself suggests:

  • The types of files supported are: .mp4 or .mov for videos; .jpg or .png for photos;
  • The maximum file sizes are: 4 GB for videos and 30 MB for photos;
  • The maximum duration of the video is 120 seconds;
  • Images are shown for 5 seconds by default;
  • The recommended resolution is 1080 x 1920 px, the minimum resolution is 600 x 1067 px.

2. Use CTAs

What do you want your users to do? Tell him clearly, in a simple, short and intuitive way.

In the Instagram Stories you must insert a Call to Action, a short and incisive call to action, which clearly indicates to people what they have to do and which is convincing.

3. Focus on creativity

Instagram Stories are seen in a very fast and heterogeneous visual flow. For this reason, it becomes even more important to capture the attention and interest of people with highly impactful, particularly communicative creative images and videos.

The more you succeed, the more you will entertain people and stimulate their memory.

4. It focuses on authenticity rather than perfection

A winning feature of Instagram Stories is that of bringing people closer to brands.

That’s why, but this also applies to the Instagram feed and to Facebook, it is essential to use authentic and real images and videos, which have the aim of telling the brand, making it familiar and close, rather than enhancing it with obvious fictions and unnecessary embellishment.

The successful Instagram Stories are the authentic ones.

5. Do you know these creative tricks for texts?

I’ll reveal 3 practical and quick tricks to make your Instagram Stories more creative and attractive:

  • Use the eyedropper tool (it is in the function reserved for text) to memorize a color present in the image and use it also in the textual content;
  • Create a shadow in the text, writing the same word in two colors and in two different dimensions and then superimposing the two elements;
  • Use multiple fonts and multiple sizes to move the text and give relevance to the different words.

6. Exercise your creativity with apps and templates

On the Net and in smartphone stores there are many apps that you can use to create successful Instagram Stories.

Be delighted with the various templates that put at your disposal and you will see what amazing results you can get.

An example? Canva, an ideal web app if you are not a professional designer.

7. Don’t forget paid listings

Do you want your Instagram Stories to reach many, many people? Do you want to turbo up your Stories and achieve specific marketing and communication goals? Well, then for sure you cannot give up paid listings.

How to create and manage them? You must log in from the Facebook Ads Management panel and, after choosing your marketing objective, the target audience and the budget you want to invest, you must select the Instagram positioning. Design your creativity and go!

Instagram success stories: the conclusion

Have you included Instagram Stories in your marketing and communication strategy? If you haven’t done it yet, it’s time to think about it.

You can start right here, from these 7 tips to create successful Instagram Stories.

Author Bio:

Jenifer is a full-time blogger and writer, she has done her graduation from the University of Los Angeles. She has vast experience regarding online marketing, blogging, and writing. Furthermore, she also doing a consultancy on amazon seller category approval service for people who lost their account or got banned from Amazon.

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