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Why You Should Consider Non Glass Mirrors?

by janeausten
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Industrial commodity manufacturing has picked up in China, and the fact that it is referred to as the factory of the world isn’t misplaced at all. Against this backdrop, several Chinese manufacturers are offering non glass mirror and Transparent film of superlative quality, and they are serving as superb alternatives to their conventional counterparts.

The role that these implements play is truly significant, and the benefits offered are immense as well. Here, we will be taking a look at the reasons why you should opt for non glass mirrors. So, let’s start.

What is a non-glass mirror?

Rapid technological developments in the field of material sciences have enabled manufacturers all around the world to develop everyday commodities out of alternative materials and substances that exhibit improved characteristics over conventional materials that were used once upon a time. A classic example of the same can be witnessed in the area of bottle manufacturing. There was a time when bottles used to be constructed out of clay and ceramic, but thanks to improvements in science and manufacturing processes, those materials have largely been replaced by glass and plastics.

A similar development is being witnessed in the field of mirrors as well, and as the name non glass mirror suggests, these mirrors are constructed out of acrylic and other plastics, and the advantages that these offer over conventional glass mirrors are immense, to say the least.

They provide superior optical characteristics

Glass mirrors were first developed to ensure excellent optical properties, and for their time period, they really were the best. But as developments ensued, it was soon discovered that other materials like acrylic and PVC offered similar characteristics as well. Once the large-scale manufacturing of these mirrors became a possibility, it was witnessed that they performed in a much more effective manner than what was expected from conventional glass mirrors. This superlative performance standard is one of the first factors why you should consider these mirrors as well. If you happen to be a developer who’s operating in the real estate sector, these mirrors can be a perfect addition to your projects as well.

They are economical

When it comes to glass mirrors, they are quite a bit more expensive to manufacture and install, and there are a lot of formalities that are required to manufacture glass mirrors. These factors make them quite uneconomical from a business point of view, as that eats into the bottom line further. Moreover, they are quite a bit more expensive to transport as well. Non glass mirrors are quite easy to manufacture in bulk, and their initial purchase prices are quite reasonable as well. When it comes to transporting them, the paraphernalia involved is significantly lower as well.

These are easier to install

For all the real-estate developers amongst you, this would be a particularly easy point to understand, as this is an issue that you must be facing quite often as well. Glass mirrors require extensive arrangements to be installed, and this takes up a lot of time and resources as well. A Non glass mirror is shipped with pre-installed glue straps and can be stuck to a flat surface quite easily and quickly. This helps reduce the overall time taken and the costs involved as well.

They are shatter-proof

A major issue that has plagued glass mirrors for quite some time now is the fact that they may shatter if damaged, and this is quite risky, as mirrors break as shards, and can cause pretty fatal injuries. Non glass mirrors negate this issue like never before. Since they are constructed out of acrylic and plastics, it is impossible to put them in a situation that would cause the, to shatter like glass. Even if these panels are extensively damaged, they wouldn’t break into sharp pieces, and this is a major boost from a security perspective.

They are versatile

When it comes to glass mirrors, they can only be used for so many applications, and the reason lies in the fact that they cannot be crafted into curved surfaces, or bent in any manner whatsoever. When it comes to non glass mirrors, this isn’t much of a concern as they are pretty flexible, and can be used for a wide range of applications, something that is pretty impossible when it comes to conventional mirrors. You must have seen these mirrors being used on blind-spot monitors, and this versatility is the exact reason why.

They are durable

Although this point may seem to be overlapping with the safety aspect, there’s more than durability than shattering. Conventional mirrors use a reflective surface under the glass panel to form the images that we see in such mirrors, and the worst part about these layers is the fact that they wear off after a fixed period of time. If you have witnessed an old mercury mirror, you’d be able to relate to what we are referring to here. Non glass mirrors don’t exhibit any such characteristics, and that gives them a really long and healthy service life.

Final take

Non glass mirrors and transparent film are new-age construction and multi-application commodities that are gaining immense levels of popularity, and this shows how beneficial they are. By purchasing them from a Chinese manufacturer, you can be assured of the fact that you’d be getting the best there is.

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