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Texas Time Begin IT Career

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Texas career growth

Texas has an excellent job market and offers many opportunities for career advancement. The state is home to major industries like oil and gas, technology, banking, and healthcare, so there is no shortage of potential career paths. Additionally, the cost of living in Texas is lower than the national average, making it an attractive option for professionals looking to save money while furthering their careers.

Dallas may not come to mind when considering cities with a strong technology presence. Nonetheless, as of May 2020, despite a drop in job postings due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Dallas metro area ranked third in terms of tech job openings, trailing only Washington and New York. Here are three major reasons why Dallas is the next step in your tech career.

Are you considering a change of scenery? Throughout the pandemic, Austin, Texas has become one of the most popular relocation hotspots for professionals in the technology industry, and it has proven profitable for both corporations and professionals.

Austin has been dubbed “Silicon Hills” because it is home to tech behemoths such as Apple, Google, Oracle, Tesla, eBay, Amazon, Facebook, IBM, Samsung, and the list goes on.

Cost Of Living

The cost of living in Texas is significantly lower than in many other parts of the country, allowing you to get the most bang for your buck. If you’re coming from a high-tax state like California, you’ll appreciate Texas’ corporate and individual tax breaks.

Aside from Silicon Valley’s tech titans, the Dallas-Fort Worth area is home to dozens of large corporations, including American Airlines, Bank of America, and AT&T, to name a few. The city also has a long history of commerce and innovation dating back to its founding. Dallas grew from a small frontier town to a major center of the cotton, railroad, merchant, oil, and financial industries.

Booming IT industry

Dallas’ expanding IT industry now encompasses everything from mobile app development Dallas to global energy production. According to a report released by the Texas Governor’s Office, the Texas IT services industry is also highly specialized in computer systems design, computer programming, and data management services.

Dallas has recently gained a reputation as a great city for startups, thanks in part to its demographics. With more than 60% of the city’s population under the age of 25, Dallas is brimming with future tech talent eager to make an impact.

When it comes to the technology industry, Texas is massive. Between 2001 and 2013, employment in the technology industry increased by 41.4%, resulting in a large number of new jobs in Austin and throughout the state. In 2016, Texas alone added 11,000 new technology jobs to its market, placing it second among the 50 states in terms of tech industry employment.

Austin’s tech hub alone is home to employers such as Dell, Apple, Microsoft, and Samsung, as well as an increasing number of start-ups peppering the landscape with innovation. There are numerous incubators and universities that contribute to the city’s talent pool, with Austin ranking third among US cities with the most technology jobs in 2017.

Austin Job Opportunities In Technology

Austin’s tech jobs are booming, transforming the city into a mini-Silicon Valley for Texas and the greater Southwest. According to a CompTIA analysis, Austin’s tech industry employs 172,961 people, the majority of whom are software engineers and programmers. According to Business Insider, the top employers of tech professionals in Austin include Dell, which employs approximately 13,000 people, Amazon, which employs 5,600 people, and Oracle, which employs approximately 5,000 people.

Furthermore, many emerging tech innovations, such as the dating app Bumble, the video chat app Zoom, and Logic Monitor’s infrastructure monitoring software, are headquartered in Austin.

Austin’s STEM job culture also includes community organizations like the Austin Tech Alliance, which promote civic engagement and networking. Joining the Austin software and IT community can put you at the forefront of exciting job opportunities.


Texas is an ideal place to invest your career. It has a strong economy, a diverse population, and an abundance of job opportunities in various industries. It also boasts a high quality of life and plenty of recreational activities, making it an attractive destination for people looking to advance their careers. With its many benefits, Texas is an ideal place to invest your career and build a successful future.

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