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Marmoleum Click Flooring: A Comprehensive Guide

by janeausten

Marmoleum Click is a unique eco-friendly flooring option.

Ecologically sound housing is a growing trend among home-builders.

But, green housing is impossible without considering your flooring. Because flooring covers your entire indoor space.

Your home’s aesthetics are also determined by your flooring.

If done right, eco-friendly flooring will enhance the beauty of your home.


Marmoleum tiles can be used to mimic traditional flooring materials. This gives you a classic floor with elegance.

You see, ecologically sound housing is already a trend among home-builders. 

However, you can’t imagine green housing without factoring in your flooring. That’s because your entire indoor space is covered by flooring. 

Also, your flooring determines your home’s aesthetics. 

Done right, eco-friendly flooring can enhance your home’s beauty. 


Marmoleum tiles can mimic traditional flooring materials. Thus extending a classical floor elegance. 

Also, Marmoleum click flooring is a 100 percent natural product. And since Marmoleum is sourced sustainably, it doesn’t come at an environmental cost. 

There’s more to Marmoleum click flooring. So let’s see them in detail. 

Marmoleum Click Flooring: Advantages


Marmoleum click lasts longer than traditional flooring materials on the market.

Marmoleum floors can last up to 40 years. Traditional hardwood floors last an average of 10 years.

You will be able to see the difference.

#2. Marmoleum click offers multiple flooring decor choices  

Marmoleum click flooring enhances your indoor aesthetics manifold. It offers a unique natural flooring design.

Also, you can replicate traditional flooring looks with a Marmoleum click. 

Interesting, isn’t it?

#3. Marmoleum Click offers many flooring options

Marmoleum click flooring enhances your indoor aesthetics manifold. It has a unique natural flooring design.

You can also replicate traditional flooring looks using a Marmoleum click.

Interesting, isn’t it?

#4. Marmoleum makes flooring healthier click

Vinyl, a traditional flooring material, is off-passable. They can pollute indoor air because they are made from petroleum products.

Marmoleum click flooring is different. It doesn’t outgas because it is a natural product.

It is also anti-allergenic, unlike vinyl and hardwood.

Marmoleum Click Flooring FAQs

#1. How to maintain Marmoleum click flooring

Marmoleum click flooring maintenance is easy.

You don’t need to sweep or mop as often as you would like. You can also use a vacuum to clean your home.

Stains are quite easy to clean. You only need a damp cloth, mild detergent, and some elbow grease.

Voilà, easy-to-maintain flooring.


Marmoleum click flooring resists water and moisture.

They can also be used for bathroom flooring.

These can be used in basements and kitchens.


Green Building requires eco-friendly flooring.

Traditional flooring materials are not sustainable. Reclaiming hardwood forests can wipe out entire forests. Vinyl chemicals can cause serious health problems.

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