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Full Estimates vs. Supplements

by janeausten
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Estimates are a big part of the business of fixing cars after crashes. But how much further do you have to go? Can you work with the insurance company’s estimate and add your own if needed? Or should you “start from scratch” and make your own estimate before getting started? Trying to save money here can end up costing you in the long run, like so many other things in life. There are times when using the appraiser’s estimate will save you time, but there are usually more important reasons to go the extra mile and write your own, such as:

You’ll Catch Hidden Damage

Insurance appraisers try to be thorough, but even the best ones are limited from the start. They won’t take a job apart to find all the damage, so it’s likely that their assessment won’t be enough. That cracked internal bracket that needs to be fixed? You’ll have to find it. Most jobs will probably have some extras like this, and they can add up over time. You’ll have to figure out how to pay for them. You might think that’s exactly what a Hurricane insurance claim supplements is for. But don’t forget to think about time. If you order that part right away, you can finish the job and get paid faster. Adding a supplement after you’ve already started the project and found more problems will slow down the whole thing.

Because of how cars are made today, this kind of hidden damage can also be worse. Cars and trucks are made so that when they hit something, the impact forces go around the protected passenger area. This means that damage could happen a long way from the point of impact.

Developing a Blueprint

The first step in the blueprinting process is to make a full assessment and estimate right away. Blueprinting means looking at the project from the beginning and making a plan based on what you find. Putting that plan together will help your shop run better if you take the time to do it.

You Have Your Own Best Interests in Mind

We’ll still give the Supplement estimates the benefit of the doubt, but even the most careful ones aren’t looking out for your shop. But you are! Some insurance companies may be open to and even rely on additional estimates, but you’ll be in a better position if you start with a full one. Full estimates that are detailed and well thought out will give you more power from the start.
In the end, taking the time to write a detailed estimate will save you time and trouble during the job. With all the benefits it gives, you might even find that it’s not that much of a bother.

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