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Originally explore the west of Shenzhen, this treasure hotel unlocks the code of happy holidays

by janeausten
west of Shenzhen
  • The New Year’s Day and Spring Festival holidays are approaching,
  • The desire to go out and play has started to sprout again?
  • But don’t want to go to crowded places?
  • I just want to stay away from the smog and hustle and bustle of the city,
  • Get rid of busyness and stress?
  • from around the city
  • Start a “staycation”
  • Temporarily overcrowded concrete forest,
  • One kick of the gas pedal to unlock the happy password of the holiday,
  • There is a degree of relaxation between the city and nature,
  • resulting in a better balance in life.

Yuzi recently explored the west of Shenzhen and found a treasure hotel – Crowne Plaza Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center, which is the first “modern business travel” Crowne Plaza of Crowne Plaza Hotels and Resorts in Greater China, and has Shenzhen’s first transparent suspended outdoor infinity Swimming pools are full of charm in terms of hotel planning, architectural design, functional layout, interior style, techniques, materials and even room styles. They have the characteristics of light capacity, pure linearity, and spatial fluidity, and are more suitable for trendy young people. Dont miss Travelodge discount code £15 off

The hotel is located near the Shenzhen Airport and the Guangzhou-Shenzhen urban railway, directly connected to the subway station, and close to the International Convention and Exhibition Center. Yuzi also found that the hotel staff all wear N95 masks, and disinfectant alcohol can be seen everywhere. The room is equipped with alcohol wipes and hand sanitizer. On the one hand, the hotel has done enough, which is worthy of praise.

In the past, most of people’s travel requirements for hotels were simple accommodation needs. Now, with the rising economic level and consumption upgrading, people have begun to get rid of the single “staying” demand, thus shifting towards service-oriented consumption. With the rise of Internet celebrity economy and the proposal of personalized needs of consumers, the characteristics and creativity of a hotel have become the focus and development trend of market competition.

To tell you the truth, before coming to the Crowne Plaza Shenzhen World Convention and Exhibition Center, you may not have gotten the concept of the first flagship store designed by “Modern Business Travel”. In terms of the traditional style of Crowne Plaza, this Crowne Plaza is younger, more fashionable and modern. After some understanding, I realized that it was created by CCD Hong Kong Zhengzhong Design Office, which may also better capture the positioning from the Greater Bay Area. latest standards. I think Crowne Plaza Shenzhen World can represent the personality of the city of Shenzhen, and the unique hotel experience is also a major factor to impress consumers.

Internet celebrity spiral staircase

Stepping into the lobby, the spiral staircase on one side, the combination of lines and lights, is simple and bright. It is the first check-in point of Internet celebrities that you will find when entering the hotel.

The artistic installation in the middle of the spiral staircase looks like rising water vapor, implying vitality, which also incorporates the elements of Shenzhen’s coastal city, which is also reflected in the lobby bar.

Transparent suspended outdoor swimming pool

Many people come here especially for the hotel’s first suspended infinity swimming pool in the air. From the room, swimming is like a mirror reflecting the blue sky and white clouds on the water surface, full of spirituality, and the combination of high-contrast materials collides with people. The bright visual effect makes you feel like you are traveling in the sky.

Due to the season, the outdoor infinity pool is temporarily closed. The hotel also has an indoor swimming pool with constant temperature in all seasons, which is open all year round. The design of full floor-to-ceiling glass windows provides excellent lighting, and you can enjoy the good time of the holiday no matter it is rainy or sunny.

Sunshine Gym

Exercising while on vacation is also one of the ways young people travel today. The easiest time to slack off is around the holidays, so to avoid similar situations, is it enough to have enough gym equipment? I think the environment of a gym is very important.

The fitness center of Crowne Plaza Hotel Shenzhen World has created a “sunshine gym”. The gym is covered with sunshine, and with green plants, it becomes a natural and harmonious painting. Sweat like rain in the “Sunshine Gym”, or find peace and tranquility in yoga. Exercise brings us not only a healthy body, but also a positive attitude.

In the locker room of the fitness center, there are ergonomic reclining chairs with constant temperature, massage pool, steam room, and ice fog room, which is another experience.

good time

Human beings have an innate love for food. Special food and thoughtful service are the most basic conditions for retaining guests. Crowne Plaza Shenzhen World has 2 unique restaurants and a lobby bar.

01 Tong Lu·Chinese Restaurant

Tonglu Chinese Restaurant uses red as the keynote, highlighting celebration and reunion. The red brick wall in the restaurant has a sense of simplicity and seclusion. The aroma of wine is not afraid of the deep alley. This red brick wall seems to guide you. “the taste of. The creative and innovative Cantonese cuisine, the combination of Chinese and Western table design and restaurant atmosphere also highlight the hotel’s “modern” personality.

02 Shang·Western Restaurant

Shangxi restaurant has an elegant environment, and it focuses on selected global cuisine and local specialties. It provides themed buffet breakfast and dinner and all-day a la carte.

03 Lobby Bar

In the public area of ​​the hotel, the design of the lobby bar is also touching. Different from the traditional hotel lobby bar, Crowne Plaza Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center has launched a new #informal# office space with functional partitions to create a semi-private “work + social + life” space.

One part of the roof is a transparent glass swimming pool, and the gray wall just collects the light and shadow passing through the glass swimming pool at different times, which increases the sense of agility and vitality of the space.

Superior Modern Business Queen Room

This time I stayed in a high-end modern business travel king-bed room. The room is comfortably and warmly furnished. The visual theme environment and aesthetic feeling are not only pleasing to the eye, but also pleasing to the heart, giving the guests a sense of spiritual comfort and belonging. The rooms are spacious, and the functional layout is divided into working area, sleeping area, leisure area, and washing area.

1. Washing area

At the entrance, there are open cloakrooms and washing areas on both sides. Independent bathroom space, separated from wet and dry, bathing equipment is selected from the Italian royal brand Borghese. The double room is equipped with a bathtub, which can relieve fatigue in the bath.

2. Workspace

In addition to the traditional sitting desk, there is also a standing desk, which seems to have caught my heart. Sometimes because I don’t want to sit for a long time and become a bow-headed person, this standing desk is very thoughtful.

3. Sleeping area

The bedding is soft and comfortable, and you can choose your favorite pillow, which is especially important for ensuring sleep.

4. Leisure area

Equipped with a long sofa, you will feel more at home. Lying on the sofa, reading a book in a daze, forgetting your troubles.

Unexpected discoveries in the city can always become a topic of conversation after dinner. Walking through the check-in spots of Internet celebrities or visiting famous scenic spots, you may wish to explore another wonderful side of the city. Crowne Plaza Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center meets the needs of business travelers. It is also a check-in point for hipsters. After drinking with friends, you can take a bath in the spacious and bright bathroom to wash away the fatigue of life and enjoy it. own happy time. Travelodge Discount Code NHS

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