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Hygiene Items to Carry for the Elderly When Travelling  

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With old age comes a great deal of independence. Senior citizens are likely to be free to spend their time with whatever they like including engaging in interests and other pastimes. One of them includes travelling every now and then. On the other hand, there are indeed a number of health problems that come with age which could be both risky and life-threatening. 

For the elderly, toilet aids are available that make using the restroom easier, safer and simpler. These offer assistance with all facets of incontinence management and can support their dignity. However, if you are wondering which hygiene items to carry, then wait. Here is a list of a few of the essentials that can make travelling hassle-free.

  • Wet Wipes 

One of the first items to carry while travelling with the elderly is wet wipes. These are far superior to using paper napkins, towels or dry handkerchiefs. One can use it to wipe sweat, natural oils, dirt and dust off the face.

When travelling during the hot days, these can make you feel refreshed, and moisturized and fight weariness. It does not matter if you are travelling by car or train, these wipes can help you to stay clean and fresh all day long. Additionally, they can reduce inflammation as they are extremely mild on the skin.

  • Incontinence Pants 

Next on the list are the incontinence pants which are designed using cutting-edge materials like high-end cotton fabric. Having high-quality construction, these are doubled-stitched and integrated into the leg area which offers additional leak prevention. 

Furthermore, such toilet aids prevent fewer leaks, improved security, and bad odour and increase comfort. The elderly can wear these incontinence pants and can travel easily without any worries. 

  • Portable Commode Chairs 

The portable commode chairs can be used at home with an Indian toiler or when travelling as well. This is because the public restrooms are usually dirty and unhygienic. On the other hand, Indian toilet may require squatting and balancing which make it extremely difficult for the elderly to use them. 

Also, It feels very disgusting to use public toilets. Such toilet chairs can be used to convert an Indian toilet into a western one. Additionally, besides being portable, these toilet aids can easily be folded up and take very little room for storage while travelling.

  • Soap Dispenser

You may need to use soaps every now and then when travelling. This is special because most of the time the liquid soaps in public restrooms do not perform. Also, the dispenser is touched and used by hundreds of individuals every day. Hence, the sensor that controls this touch-free soap dispenser may detect and recognize the presence of the hand underneath. 

It is important to use them because they automatically dispense a sufficient amount of soap. You no more have to mess around with the bottles pushing the shoddy pumps and attempting to squeeze the soap out. All you may need is to get some batteries to use these touch-free functioning devices. 

  • Sanitary Disposal Bags 

There is no doubt that locating a conventional trash can while travelling can be very challenging. It can be really difficult to dispose of sanitary goods. However, this problem can be eliminated easily if you properly dispose of sanitary items using disposal bags. 

Such toilet aids are affordable, easily disposable and oxo-biodegradable. You can use these bags to dispose of items like diapers, sanitary napkins, tampons, panty liners, and others. These items are easy to handle and can save you from the trouble of searching for plastic bags. Additionally, these are tamper-proof, leak-proof and environmentally friendly.

  • Urine Bottles 

Another item to add to the travelling equipment for the elderly is the male urine bottle. These are great for people of all ages besides the ones who are physically challenged. Being crafted from premium translucent plastic, it avoids leaks and is highly durable. 

The robust wide mouth and edges lower irritation as it can be used without spilling. Also, the male urine bottle has a handle that makes it easy to grasp or slip. Having a strong construction ensures optimal stability while cleaning and preventing the bottle from toppling.

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