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How to Customize an Exit-Only Sign for Your Business

by janeausten

If you own a business, you know how important it is to have marked signs to help customers and employees understand the rules and regulations of your facility. One such sign that is often overlooked is an Exit Only sign. Exit Only signs are designed to direct employees and customers out of the premises in an orderly manner and help to prevent accidents or other dangerous situations.

You should take a few steps to personalize an Exit Only sign for your company.

1. Start by Deciding On The Size Of The Sign You Need

You want to ensure your Exit Only Sign Vancouver is large enough to be seen from a distance and provide the necessary information to visitors. Depending on your business’s size, the sign’s size can vary from small to large. If the sign is too small, it might not be visible from far away. On the other hand, if the sign is too large, it may take up too much space and be an eyesore.

2. Choose A Material for Your Exit Only Sign

Depending on your business type, ensure that the material for your exit sign with emergency lights is weatherproof or fireproof. You also want to ensure that your sign is made from a durable material that won’t be easily damaged. Some popular material choices for exit-only signs include plastic, metal, and vinyl. 

3. Choose the Design of Your Exit Only Sign

This can be as simple as a white background with a red and black exit symbol or as complex as a brightly colored sign with a graphic. Consider the text’s colors, shapes, and size to ensure the sign is easy to read and understand. Avoid using colors that are too bright or dull, as they can be hard to see in certain light conditions. Additionally, include any necessary warnings or instructions on the sign.

4. Add Any Text You Want to Include on Your Exit Only Sign

This could include instructions to leave the premises, the name of your business, or any other information you want to provide. Ensure to include “EXIT ONLY” to indicate the sign’s purpose.

5. Have Your Custom Exit Only Sign Printed and Mounted

Use a professional printing service to ensure that your sign looks professional and is printed correctly. Once the sign is printed, you can mount it in an appropriate area of your business. This way, everyone entering or leaving the premises can easily see the exit-only sign.

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