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Get The Best Microsoft Power BI Training Dubai And Excel In It

by janeausten
Microsoft Power BI training Dubai

Microsoft Power BI is a business intelligence (BI) tool that enables non-technical business users to collect, analyze, visualize, and share data. Power BI is a powerful self-service tool with great integration with other Microsoft products that require the best Microsoft Power BI training Dubai. For Excel users, its user interface is relatively simple.

Users can download the Power BI Desktop client for Windows 10 and native mobile apps for Windows, Android, and iOS devices. Power BI Report Server is another option for companies that need to keep their data and reports on-site. The specific desktop application required for that version of Power BI is called Power BI Desktop for Power BI Report Server.

Features of Microsoft Power BI

Power BI is made up of a series of programs that can be used as a SaaS solution, on a desktop computer, or on mobile devices. Power BI Desktop is the name of the on-premises version, Power BI Service is the name of the cloud-based version, and Power BI is the name of the mobile version.

Using the many Power BI components in a way that is appropriate for their purpose, users may create and share business insights.

  • Power BI comes with a variety of tools that let users create and distribute data reports. What they are are these:
  • Power Query is a data mashup and transformation tool.
  • Power Pivot, a tool for memory tabular data modeling.
  • A tool for data visualization, called Power View.
  • Power Map is a 3D geospatial data visualization application.
  • Power Q&A is a question-and-answer tool that uses natural language.

Steps to use Microsoft Power BI

Using Power BI Desktop, analysts and other users may create data connections, data models, and reports. Other users of the Power BI service can access these reports for viewing and interactivity.

  • To generate a Power BI report, adhere to these steps:
  • Join the sources of information.
  • By querying the data, generate reports based on user requirements.
  • It is necessary to publish the report to the Power BI service.
  • Inform users of the cloud and mobile devices about the report so they can access it and interact with it.
  • You can add permissions to let or stop your coworkers from making changes to reports, dashboards, and other material.

The price of Power BI Premium depends on both the number of users and the scale of the deployment. Per user and per capacity are the two layers that are divided. While the Premium per user tier starts at $20 per user per month, the Premium per capacity tier starts at $4,995 per capacity per month.

You ought to think about enrolling in a Microsoft Power BI training Dubai course to get proficient with it.

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