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What is Crystal Healing?

by janeausten
what is crystal healing

In crystal healing, we use crystals or gemstones for the healing purpose. These crystals are used for either healing any kind of pain in our body or even making our body pure from various impurities. There are many particular regions in our body which is known as “chakras”, the crystal healing is done by keeping the crystals on these chakras of our body. There are in all 7 chakras in our body where the crystals are placed for the healing purpose. In Hindi, the “chakra” word means spiritual energy.

These 7 chakras are considered as 7 energy centres of our body. The crystal used for healing purpose comes in different colours and each of these colors has significant importance in the healing process. These chakras help in flow of energy in our body and hence making our body pure and free from all pain and diseases. This process helps in balancing the flow of energy in the person’s body. The healer who is doing the healing process on someone should first undergo the practice of crystal healing to make his body pure and free from any kind of negative energy. This energy can then be transferred from his body to another person through the crystals. By doing so, the person suffering from any illness caused by the negative energy will be cured.

Crystal healing have gained a lot popularity nowadays and not only person suffering from illness are undergoing this treatment, but also in some cases nurses and doctors are having a session of crystal healing so as to cure their patients. Not necessarily that the crystals should be placed on the chakras for the healing purpose, these crystals can also be kept at the bedside where you sleep, and also it can be worn. The crystals used vary depending on the type of illness or type of cure the patient is looking for.

No one knows from where the healing came from. This practice has been used by the people since ages. Earlier people didn’t have much belief in crystal healing and many of us thought it to be spiritual. But nowadays slowly people have started to realise the importance of crystal healing. Although it is not scientifically proved that crystal healing really does work, but only those who have undergone such sessions knows its actual power.

Because of its colour and shape, most of the crystal healers do their practice with the help of clear quartz. But these stones and crystals may vary depending on which chakra they are placing the crystals.
Is there any harm in healing? Many of us don’t see any harm in using the crystals for the healing purpose. But if a person who is suffering from certain disease and if he stops his medication just because he is practising crystal healing can be very dangerous. It is believed that if wrong energy is passed during the crystal healing process, it may take that person’s life. These powers which are transferred are not related to god and hence it can be very dangerous.

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