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Can I Get A Job After Completing CFA Level 1?

by janeausten

CFA level 1 is an intensive course that covers the basic concepts of academic disciplines related to investment and finance. Studying the first level of CFA will let you learn a wide range of finance subjects and prepare you to become a worthy hire even if you don’t complete all three levels later on.

Passing the first level of CFA is enough to get hired by some of the top and renowned financial firms and MNC companies in the world. You can apply for job profiles such as portfolio manager, risk analyst, or research analyst. All in all, the training is a gateway to substantial lucrative opportunities that can boost your career to the greatest heights!

Is Finance Background Mandate?

You do not require a finance background to pass the CFA exams. So, set all worries aside if you are concerned that you can’t pass the charter exam since you haven’t studied finance in college. In fact, if you haven’t studied financial and accounting subjects in college, you can learn them in the CFA course.

The topics of all three levels of CFA are the same – how to handle portfolios, evaluate assets, and manage wealth. It’s just the concepts that upgrade from basic to advanced as you keep clearing the levels.

For all of you out there who don’t have a finance background, please note that the entire CFA course incorporates concrete concepts laid out in Learning Outcome Statements (LOS). This is a clear indication that you would require a strong and dedicated prep plan to understand the core concepts of investment and accounting.

However, that doesn’t mean candidates with a finance background can pass the exam without taking up a good CFA exam level 1 prep course. That’s mainly because several CFA exam topics are not covered in finance undergrad programs. So, whether you have a finance background or not, seeking help from a top-notch CFA prep provider or enrolling in a CFA level 1 free course for preparation can save you time and energy throughout the entire process.

What are the job profiles that CFA level 1 holders can apply for?

Once you pass the first level of CFA, you may immediately apply for the following job profiles in the investment and finance industry:

  • Junior Business Analyst: This is a job role in which you will be responsible for processing business information and helping your organization improve its productivity. Some of the key duties of a junior business analyst include creating reports, tracking cash flow, implementing business plans, and assessing the company’s performance.
  • Equity Research Analyst: This job role would require you to involve in doing extensive research on stock markets, using financial data to make informed business decisions, and offering valuable insights to investors.
  • Investment Product Analyst: This job role would require you to focus on researching the latest market trends and developing business strategies. Some of the key duties of an investment product analyst involve evaluating financial products, creating presentations on facts & figures, and offering recommendations to investors after careful analysis.
  • Junior Financial Analyst: The job responsibilities of a junior financial analyst involve creating informed reports on effective strategies, making predictions about the investment market, offering investment advice to companies, and analyzing a company’s business performance.

Essential Tips To Get A Job After Completing CFA Level 1

CFA certification is a great way to add additional trade skills that can help you accelerate your career trajectory. Here are some essential tips that can help you get a job after passing the first level of the CFA course:

  • Improve Your Communication Skills: Several global financial firms and MNCs expect their employees to have world-class communication skills. Thus, having clear and effective presentation skills can let you get a highly-salaried job easily.
  • Stay Updated With The Investment Market Trends: Staying well-informed of the latest happenings in the investment market can increase your chances of getting hired for a financial job profile.
  • Build An Expansive Network: Completing the first level of CFA will allow you to attend industry events and seminars. These are the places where you can meet some of the brightest CFA minds and build a network with other CFA holders and industry members.

Bottom Line

So, getting a job after completing the first level of CFA can be easy if you follow the above-mentioned tips. Not only that but, you should also try to enroll in a valuable CFA level 1 free course for understanding the subjects better!

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