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Best practices to reduce ecommerce returns rate

by janeausten
reduce ecommerce returns

E-commerce, an online buy-and-sell solution

Mounting technology introduces us to many modern means of trading, one of which is the e-commerce business. It is an online buying and selling service that let you make a purchase from the comfort of your home and at any time of day and night. For merchants, it opens a gateway to a massive audience and an opportunity to generate good revenue by increasing sales.

As e-commerce business gives ease to sell, there are also some downsides such as order returns. Handling returned products from customer needs smart working. The percentage of order returns is relatively higher via online selling than through offline brick-and-mortar stores. Here merchants have to keenly notice ecommerce returns and the reasons behind them. There could be multiple explanations for order returns such as:

  • Customer may be defrauding
  • Returning gift
  • The product is not up to their expectations or matches the product specifications provided onsite.
  • The customer purchased it intending to send it back after evaluation.

Things to do to reduce e-commerce returns rate

Finding ecommerce return solutions is vital to avert unnecessary loss. We put together a few tips for handling returned products from the customer.

Product specifications should be mentioned evidently and in detail

Unlike physical stores where customers purchase by physically observing the product, online purchasing solely depends on the evaluation of provided product details and specifications. Customers go through the product particulars mentioned to go ahead and buy the thing. Sometimes they misunderstand certain points in the information specifically when it comes to clothing brands. Customers either overestimate their size or underestimate which makes them do a wrong purchase and return it after utter disappointment. In such cases, reduce product returns by providing a size chart that is easy to comprehend.

Further, categorize the products forming various sections with every minute detail stated to reveal how the product works or will appear. It will help reduce order returns as a customer can have a full understanding of product parts and can decide whether he should or not buy the product.

Upload high-definition pictures and videos

For this aspect, you need to do good photography of the product. Take high-definition pictures from every angle showing all the parts in the case of machinery for example. Make a video in the working mode so customers can see how the product works. You can also shoot an interesting tutorial for good understanding so those who don’t get how the product works could get guidelines from it.

Get product reviews and upload them for new buyers to read

Get reviews from your old customers about the products they received. Upload it on the page as most customers look for product reviews to judge its authenticity before placing an order. It will reduce product returns.

Offer another product in exchange for a returned order

Offering an attractive substitute in exchange will settle the issue aptly without rupturing the status of your brand. When a customer gets a novel product equal in value to the original one, they get satisfied, appreciate the services, and will consider you next time. In this way, handling returned products from customer becomes easy and bring in their confidence. Proposing store credit is another e-commerce return solution that gives customers the freedom to select a same-worth product of their choice in return. Moreover, customers can also be made familiar with a range of products under the same category they ordered before. It will bring appreciation, gain customers’ confidence, and they will feel comfortable purchasing from your online store next time.

Provide fast and good customer support service

Keep good communication with the customer through live chat to answer their queries. Speedy customer service diminishes negative thoughts that may tickle the customer’s mind. Discussing and answering all the points clears their mind and settle down the matter wisely. Plus, it also lets you explore the reason behind it to work on eliminating those issues in the future and reduce order returns.

Beware of fraudulent and protect yourself from deceptions

In online selling, merchants may come across deceitful customers. To reduce product returns from such fraudulent steps should be taken to detect them. To control such hitches take the following steps:

  • Block those customers who are repeatedly returning products. Ban their emails and payment cards after careful investigation so the genuine customer doesn’t come under this procedure.
  • Get a fraud-detecting system to unveil such customers. You can use a built-in system as provided by many e-commerce platforms such as Shopify (Shopify Fraud Protect).
  • For circumstances when customers claim not receiving the parcel, put tracking numbers on each product you deliver. Get the customer’s signatures as evidence when the parcel reaches them.
  • For those who request compensation ask them to share the receipt. It will let you cross-check and assures whether they purchased the product or not.

Indicate your return policies

Return policies should be mentioned clearly and must be viewable to customers. Let the customer know through what procedure they can make a return if an inconvenience occurs. Maximum customers read the return policy process before placing an order so it is essential to have it on your page for customer satisfaction. Once everything is visibly mentioned customers cannot deny the rules. Add the return duration and items that can be returned. To gain the trust keep the timeframe flexible and the procedure easy so that it does not demand excessive effort from the customer’s side. Facilitating buyers with a self-service system for order returns will speed up the process without consuming much time. Your team of employees will review the issue and confirm after a thorough investigation. Customers appreciate such quick methods and will prefer to purchase again.

What did we conclude?

The complexity of order returns is evident from discussion and the need to reduce product returns is substantial for any business. So for more manageable business operations working on mentioned aspects is necessary. It reduces business costs, attains customer confidence, and boosts your brand name.

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