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Behavior-Based Safety (BBS) Program: How To Implement It

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Behavior Based Safety

Behavior-Based Safety or BBS can be best described as a process that is designed to reinforce daily behavior with the help of safety observations applied to professional leaders and employees. Whether you own a large business enterprise or a small startup, you must consider the implementation of BBS safety programs.

The application of BBS necessitates the presence of a team that is innovative and dynamic in equal measures. The team will take up the responsibility of assessing and implementing the steps that are needed to be taken to put together a robust safety management system.

Why Is It Important?

There is an important reason behind implementing behavior-based safety programs. It is done to ensure that employees working in or for the organization can look after their safety by understanding and analyzing the issues that can crop up in the absence of BBS safety programs.

When a company is planning to implement behavior-based safety programs, the leaders or the upper management has to be fully committed to it. The frontline team must also be on board. The goal of the program will be aligned when everybody in the organization is on the same page. If there are differing opinions, there is a limited chance of the program being successful.

How To Implement It?

In order to implement a behavior-based safety program in the most effective manner, the company should work towards putting together a well-designed safety culture where certain important steps are followed.

  • Assessment

While putting together a behavior-based safety program, it is important to do an assessment of how employees carry out their tasks and activities on a regular basis. The people, who are given the task of observing these things, are required to have some kind of training on how to conduct safety assessments.

  • Checklist

In a behavior-based safety program, creating checklists is very important. A checklist will enable one to channelize their energies towards focusing on the actions of the employees and the kind of attitude they have at the workplace. The checklist must feature important questions pertaining to the BBS safety program. You must decide on the topics that need to be addressed before putting together the checklist.

  • Feedback

After the observation period is over, it is very important to share feedback. When employees receive appreciation for their good behavior, they feel motivated to continue it further and do more to contribute to the growth of the organization. At the same time, if the behavior of an employee is problematic or dangerous, it must be corrected immediately.

  • Goals

Just like any other activity carried out in a business organization, a BBS safety program is conducted to achieve some objectives or goals. While some of the goals like avoiding accident-causing accidents are common to most organizations, there are some objectives you need to design keeping the structure and challenges of your company in mind.


Putting together a behavior-based safety program is one of the most important tasks for any organization. If you need some help or support in creating BBS safety programs for your company, you should get in touch with De Moura Lawson Consulting.

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