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Reasons To Go For Digital Wedding Invitations Instead Of Printing

by janeausten

Digital wedding invitations — Is this going to be the new rage for brides? The use of personal electronics and social media is fast increasing, with smartphones, tablets, and laptops, all streaming to YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

It is rare these days to see many people, from young to old, who are not been, actively participating in a social network; or to the bare minimum have an email address.

Make a Video

Who said that all wedding invitations have to be on paper? If you or your bride/groom-to-be has minimal camera skills, it’s time to test those and make video paperless invitations for your guests. Spare some time to write out a simple script, with your fiancé so you know precisely what you, want to say to your guests.

Your words need not have to be the only thing with meaning in your video. You can opt to shoot it at locations that are meaningful to you and your would-be spouse.

When you think about the date and the location, seek to shoot the scene where you’re getting married, in order that your guests can see, the venue, you’ll be having the ceremony. In this way, they would get a sneak peek of the affairs, and form a picture in their mind regarding, the kind of ceremony

Why Send Digital Invitations?

Saves Time and Hassle: The paperless invitations for a wedding take all the time and stress out of sending your invites, with no licking and sticking of envelopes, writing addresses and manually mailing them out. You may order your invites only a couple of days beforehand, and deliver them out via WhatsApp, email, or text message with a simple click.

Original and Personal: The digital wedding invitations are beautiful, stylish, and especially all—personal. They may be customized to reflect your personality and your wedding style, along with your own photos and music. This makes it effortless to organize all of your stationery with the same theme, and then, surprise your guests with something genuinely special.

Effortless for Guests: Your guests, will love how fast and effortless it is to receive the complete details of your event and RSVP in seconds. They do not need to fill out and mail a card back to you; they can just follow your instructions on the digital invitation and reply back through text message, email, or within your event website.

How does It work?

Simply send the digital paperless invitations website, the entire details of your event; and allow them to turn them, into something special, just for you. Their team of expert animators will edit the design and create a personal invitation that’s, sure to wow your guests.

The Nutshell

Your special day is everything to do about you; simply put, your animated invitation needs to be just as unique and personal. In a nutshell, you would also want to add your own wording and text, in multiple languages, and include your photos, to make the video even more entrancing and personalized.

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