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Criminal Lawyer Atlanta, GA: How To Find The Right One

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Criminal Lawyer In Atlanta Ga

Who is the criminal lawyer in Atlanta, GA? How do you find the right one for every need? Let’s start by defining the criminal lawyer Atlanta, GAor the one who deals with actions or facts that constitute a crime and go against the rules established by a given country.

What is criminal law?

Criminal law, which the criminal lawyer deals with, is the set of laws that describe crimes and resulting penalties caused and recognized for the crime itself. Therefore, a crime is a behavior prohibited by the legal order and can have both a commission and an omission nature. The offense is then punished through what is defined as a penal sanction.

The penal sanction falls within the enormous category of the offense. Which also includes civil and administrative crimes or crimes that do not envisage custodial sanctions against the convicted person in prison or special prisons.

Crimes that fall within the scope of criminal offenses can therefore be punished with imprisonment with different times and methods from crime to corruption. And life imprisonment or prolonged imprisonment (life imprisonment is defined as life imprisonment). But that’s not all. There are other forms of punishment that can inflict on criminal offenses according to the requests of the criminal lawyer of the party.

Criminal lawyer Atlanta, GA: what he does and what are the crimes he deals with

As mentioned, the criminal lawyer in Atlanta, GA, deals with crimes. More generally, it can be said that the criminal lawyer deals with all the relations between citizens and the Public Prosecutor’s Office. He can intervene upon request for an ongoing investigation and a direct complaint made by a private citizen.

Many crimes interest a criminal lawyer, and making a complete list of all the skills is complicated. However, a short list can be made of the most common crimes for which the intervention of a criminal lawyer is required. Here, then, are some examples of crimes that affect the areas of work of a criminal lawyer. As mentioned these are just some of the most common offenses for which the involvement of a criminal lawyer is required and in no way represent an exhaustive list of all possible crimes:

  • Theft of any nature;
  • Misappropriation;
  • Embezzlement;
  • Concussion;
  • Homicide;
  • Crimes that can be prosecuted ex officio or only through a lawsuit or denunciation or a request for an instance;
  • insult and many other individual crimes;
  • Brawl: that is, all those crimes involving several subjects, also called multi-subjective;
  • crimes of damage;
  • Crimes of danger: a crime, for example, which has damaged or endangered a legal asset that deserves protection;
  • instant offenses such as defamation;
  • Permanent crimes, whose classic example is kidnapping;
  • Intentional negligent crimes (judged based on psychic awareness and the voluntariness of the act);
  • Habitual: crimes for which the repetition over time of many conducts of the same kind is necessary, such as, for example, family abuse;
  • Crimes against the Highway Code, among which it is right to remember driving while intoxicated, failure to assist in the event of a road accident, and others;
  • Fraud Against Private Citizens And The State;
  • Building abuses of various kinds, such as the construction of large complexes without the relevant permits and much more;
  • Violence, including, for example, the recent regulation concerning the crime of cyberbullying.

Criminal lawyer Atlanta, GA: how to choose one

When to choose a criminal lawyer in Atlanta, GA? Does a dispute between condominiums affect civil and criminal law? Does a car accident require defense by a criminal lawyer or not? Some cases may concern different branches of law. In this case, therefore. It is the presence of a crime that tips the scales to one side or the other. Thus if the car accident was caused by a person driving while intoxicated. If the quarrel between neighbors leads to a fight and it is appropriate to bring in a criminal lawyer. But how to choose it?

It is essential to choose a criminal lawyer Atlanta, GA, based on what he does. What he deals explicitly with, is who gives security to the client, and who knows how to convey peace of mind. Last but not least, the chosen lawyer must know how to update the client on the developments of the case constantly and that he can recommend the moves to be used during the trial.

The criminal lawyer defends the injured party and also the defendant

The criminal lawyer in Atlanta, GA, therefore, deals with a legal branch that is very delicate also and above all from a legal point of view. When you are involved (as an injured party or a defendant) in a criminal proceeding. It is imperative to rely on a lawyer specialized in the proceeding and the specific procedural offense. He knows the matter perfectly and knows how to make the best use of the procedural tools made available by law.

The criminal lawyer in Atlanta, GA, must be chosen carefully: find him at Jana Harris Law. Getting in touch with our criminal lawyer in Atlanta, GA, is easy.

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