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Commercial Truck Insurance Companies: The Hands-on Service Providers

by janeausten
Commercial Truck Insurance Companies

Commercial truck insurance companies are the hands-on service providers that help you keep your business moving. Commercial trucks transport products and materials, which means they’re essential to various industries around Texas and beyond. These vehicles have to be strong, crash-resistant and protected against theft. Commercial truck insurance companies are insuring these vehicles so you can focus on what you do best: running your company.

Reasons For A Commercial Truck Insurance For Your Business

Here are the three most important reasons why you need Commercial truck insurance in texas if you own a trucking company or drive trucks for a living:

  1. Cargo trucks crash frequently.

Trucking is one of the most profitable sectors but causes numerous road deaths. Your firm could fail without Commercial truck insurance in texas to cover road fatalities, cargo damage, and theft.

Large trucks hit other vehicles and people on highways, roads, and streets, causing 11% of U.S. automobile accident deaths, according to the IIHS.

Commercial truck dangers also include:

  • Truck driver exhaustion.
  • Traffic.
  • Vandalism, cargo theft, and damage.
  • Naturally (windstorms, rain, hailstorm, etc.).

A Commercial Truck Insurance Company recognizes the trucking industry’s economic importance. Commercial truck insurance is geared to truck owners’ and operators’ safety needs.

  1. Truckers must have insurance.

Your commercial fleet needs insurance to function, according to the FMCSA. Commercial vehicles receive DOT numbers from the FMCSA. If you don’t have insurance, they won’t give you a DOT number, and you can’t work.

  1. Trucking is a Significant Industry.

According to the American Trucking Association, commercial vehicles carry 72% of the nation’s freight by weight. Statista reported an 81% growth in truck registrations in the past decade. As a trucking business owner, you must protect your fleet, cargo, and drivers since cargo transport drives the economy.

Types of Commercial Truck Insurance

  • Primary Liability Insurance (aka Trucking Liability Insurance) is the minimum required, although it only covers injuries to other people or damage to other cars in an accident. It excludes your truck, driver, litigation, etc.
  • General liability insurance covers customer, property, and advertising injuries. It shields your company from lawsuits. Leases and contracts demand this insurance.
  • Physical Damage Insurance, sometimes called Collision Coverage, covers tractors and trailer repairs. This insurance usually doesn’t cover damage to cargo, drivers’ things, tools, electronics, or non-permanent equipment.
  • Transport cargo is insured. It typically covers cargo loss or damage from collision, fire, harsh weather, equipment malfunction, theft, and running over or striking the cargo. Art, jewelry, live animals, and explosives are frequently excluded.
  • Trailer Interchange Insurance covers accidents, fire, theft, and vandalism for trailers pulled under a trailer interchange agreement.
  • Bobtail insurance (also known as deadhead insurance) covers liability when you drive a truck without a trailer or semitrailer.
  • Most Pennsylvania employers must have workers’ compensation insurance. It covers work-related medical costs and missed earnings, protects your firm from lawsuits, and helps you comply with state standards.

To reduce fleet insurance costs, consider these ten suggestions.

  • Be familiar with Fleet Insurance.
  • Invest in Safe Drivers.
  • Strategically acquire motor vehicles.
  • Put Policies Together.
  • Request discounts.
  • Consider Raising Your Deductible.
  • Use Modern Methods.
  • Maintain a Focus on Safety.
  • Vehicle Maintenance
  • Check Rates.


What sets one truck insurance company apart from the competition is service. If you are in a crash, you want to feel safe knowing someone is out there fighting for your claim, trying to recover your lost income and pay for any damage to your truck. This level of personalized service separates top-level truck insurance companies from all others.

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