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High Performance Rapid Molecular Diagnostics Machine from Wondfo

by janeausten

The rapid molecular diagnostic machine or PCR machine is a breakthrough technology that can provide accurate results in less than 28 minutes. This machine diagnoses respiratory infections or flu, such as COVID-19.


The molecular diagnostic machine can rapidly analyze patient samples, whether blood, saliva, or mucus, and identify the presence of pathogens. The PCR machine can be used in clinical and laboratory research settings. In addition, the PCR machine offers a promising solution for rapid and accurate diagnosis of respiratory infections.

The molecular diagnostic machine’s simplicity of use is one of its benefits, and it has high performance. For example, the test may be performed using the kit in just half an hour, making it suitable as part of a routine monitoring program for coronavirus infection.

How does a molecular diagnostic machine from Wondfo operate?

The molecular diagnostic machine detects the presence of the coronavirus in a blood or tissue sample. Therefore, this test is crucial to determine whether a person has been exposed to the virus and is in danger of becoming ill.

The test employs a molecular approach known as Ribonucleic Acid (RNA). The PCR procedure aids in duplicating the genetic material found in the sample. The PCR product will be visible on a gel screen if the genetic material has coronavirus traces.


The molecular diagnostic machine from Wondfo offers rapid test results, which are helpful during a pandemic. So get in touch with Wondfo if you want some PCR machines.

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