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Treatment With Sildamax 100 mg for Erectile Dysfunction

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Erectile Dysfunction

What is Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction , also known as male impotence is when a male has difficulties in achieving and/or having an effective erection. Although Erectile Dysfunction (ED) can be found more prevalent among older men, it’s not an usual phase of ageing. ED is the second most frequent type that results from sexual incontinence.

An erection is usually initiated by sexual arousal triggered by something man is thinking is felt, feels or smells. Signals are sent from the brain to penis, which causes the flow of blood to the penis. It’s the effect of hydraulics of blood flow entering and getting trapped by the penis that causes an erection.

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What is the cause of Erectile Dysfunction?

The most frequently cited reasons for ED are high blood pressure, diabetes, smoking cigarettes, and high cholesterol. Each of these causes atherosclerotic changes or vascular damage in one way or the other. It is the vascular injury or the damage to blood vessels that supply the penis which is often the main reason for a man’s ED.

The majority of radiation, surgery and other procedures that affect the prostate result in some injury or injury to blood vessels and nerves that supply the penis. frequently resulting in Erectile Dysfunction.

A variety of medications can cause ED. A few injuries to the man’s pelvis or groyne can trigger ED.

Mental disorders like depression and anxiety can cause ED especially among men younger than.

Typically, erectile dysfunction affects men who have sleep apnea, sleep problems, or who were sexually molested as children.

Early ejaculation issues can affect men’s anxiety levels, which can lead to ED in one form or another.

Men who are overweight, inactive, smoke, or use drugs are more prone to get ED.

Men who cycle for long periods of time in a small seat are more likely to acquire ED.

A lot of men with ED also have low testosterone levels or other physiological issues.

Use is vital for the penis. 

Males with protracted periods of inactive sexual behavior—such as those in abusive relationships, without partners, or incarcerated—are more likely to develop ED.

Diagnosing Erectile Dysfunction

Every patient should undergo an extensive physical and medical history as it is crucial in determining the cause of Erectile dysfunction. An ultrasound exam of the penis can be utilized to determine the flow of blood through the penis. 

A biothesiometry test, or vibration test is utilized to assess the nerve’s sensitivity and function. Blood tests are frequently used to determine the level of hormones and to determine if diabetes is present.

Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction

Lifestyle suggestions are usually made to treat ED for example, cutting down on smoking, using Sildamax 100 mg and excessive consumption of alcohol. Regular aerobic exercise can help in achieving an improved mental state and


Be sure that any medical conditions like high cholesterol, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes are being manage.

Men who have a psychological cause to their issues with erectile function usually benefit from the use of sex therapy, marriage therapy or after consulting a therapist or psychiatrist.

There are numerous medications so that are used to treat the problem of erectile dysfunction. Oral medication such as Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. Urethral suppositories , such as MUSE. Penile injection therapy so that includes a combination of papaverine, prostaglandin and phentolamine.

Vascular surgery may be an option in the case of the onset of Erectile dysfunction in a young patient. This can be particularly beneficial in cases where the erectile problem is due to an accident or trauma so that occurred recently.

Testosterone replacement therapy can be efficient if the reason for the man’s ED is lower testosterone levels.

Vacuum therapy occurs in the process where an external device, such as the vacuum constriction device, or penis pump is place on the penis. The device creates a vacuum, which draws blood to the penis. The constriction band, or the ring keeps the blood from entering the penis once an erection has been achieve.


Implant surgery is an option for those who are unable to tolerate other types of treatment for erectile dysfunction or when they don’t suit the patient. It is a flexible or inflatable device so that is surgically implanted into the penis’ shaft. We believe this procedure to be a suitable option for a patient when there is no other option so that is successful. While we don’t offer implants in our clinic There are a number of skilled surgeons who do this procedure in the NY metropolitan region.

Erectile Dysfunction is fairly simple to treat. The male patient should not remain silent. They should consult an experience doctor who is skill in treating Erectile dysfunction.

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