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How To Stain Concrete Floors Effortlessly?

by janeausten
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Do you think that concrete floors always look shabby and you need a carpet or a rug to cover it up? If you opt for stained concrete floors, these will contribute to your overall room décor. The shiny and smooth surfaces of these floor varieties make sure that your premises get an urban look.

For any type of interior theme, these alternatives remain a perfect choice. You can also choose any color for these floor varieties to match the wall shades or the theme color of your interior design.

However, staining the concrete floors is easier than you think. A simple four-step method can alter the finishing and appeal of your concrete floors effortlessly.

Step1: Choose the Stain

Before you start with the process of concrete floor staining, pick the best quality stain from the market. If you have engaged the best professionals for the task, they will offer you choices from which you need to pick.

The stains remain available in two varieties – water-based and acid-based. The former alternative is always a safer and more user-friendly choice. However, for earthy tones and higher durability, many opt for the second one.

Step 2: Floor Preparation

When you paint the walls, the opaque colors cover up almost every trace of marks and dents on them. With concrete floor staining, you do not get this privilege. Staining offers a transparent finish which means that every bit of dirt, mark, or unevenness will get etched under the stained layer, diminishing its final look.

Therefore, prepare the floor to be stained carefully to ensure that the ultimate look becomes flawlessly spotless. Professionals use specially manufactured floor cleaners for preparing concrete floors for staining. If you engage the experts, they will come with everything they need to ensure the best finishing of your rough and plain concrete floors.

Step: 3 Concrete Stain Applications

After grinding or cleaning the concrete surface, staining begins. Prepare the stain following the instructions given in the manufacturer’s manual and start applying coats with sprayers. Professional applicators use multiple varieties of brushes for staining floor surfaces.

Airless sprayers, production guns, HVLP sprayers, pump sprayers and trigger spray bottles are a few most commonly used sprayers. For precision around the corners and narrow areas, many experts use paintbrushes.

However, always remember to apply additional coats when the previous layer is wet. Staining on a wet layer can generate uneven color depths at different places.

Step4: Apply Concrete Sealers

The variety of concrete sealers you wish to apply depends on the final look you wish to give to your floor. For a wet and shiny look, you can choose the wet-look concrete sealers.

On the other hand, if you wish to lend the concrete floor a matte finish, choose low-luster sealers. For perfectly stained concrete floors, hire professionals. They always come with every gear and instrument they need to lend your dull-looking concrete floor a dramatic makeover.

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