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Best Places to Visit in the Arctic Circle – Guide 2023

by janeausten
Best Places to Visit in the Arctic Circle

Are you planning an Arctic trip this year? If yes is the answer, stay with us as we have compiled a list of the best places to visit in the Arctic circle this year. And for this very trip, you’ll also require Schengen Visa Hotel Booking and we have got your back on this, too!!! So, just stay with us.

The Arctic is filled with beautiful landscapes and jaw-dropping destinations – from wooden villages to tiny trees and from glaciers to bear sightings, it has everything that a wanderlust can dream of.  Without wasting another moment, let’s get straight to the point.


If you are the type of wanderlust who seek solace in solitude, then far-off places like Greeland should be on the top of your list. The coastal town of this nordic nation – Ilulissat – is known for its big icebergs such as Disko Bay. Want to enjoy jaw-dropping views here? Then, turn to the Sermermiut settlement. The city is also known for dogsledding.

What makes your experience as a tourist memorable here is the fact that despite being the most populous destination here in Greenland, you’ll see no crowds here. And if you are here, how can you miss on UNESCO-designated World Heritage Site – Ilulissat Icefjord?

Now for obvious reasons, a question will pop up in your mind: is the infrastructure of this isolated updated or worth giving a try? The answer is yes. And various travel bloggers have stated that you can easily move around, and find restaurants for food and stay.

Abandoned Russian Settlement of Pyramiden

Situated in the High Arctic, halfway between the North Pole and mainland Norway, the Svalbard archipelago once used to be a bustling town where over 5000 residents of the coal-mining community resided. However, the company closed its operations back then in 1998, and over the time since then it has earned the title of a ghost town.

In the onset, the plan was to dismantle this town and machinery but it never happened. The company moved to mainland Russia and the inhabitants followed the suit, leaving behind their valuable possessions. While a few buildings have managed to remain somewhat intact, most of them have not survived the harsh weather conditions of the Arctic; such buildings have been declared inaccessible to tourists. But again, for wanderlusts who find meaning in solitude, this is the place to be. As said in the above paras, buildings here are in decay, and you need to make proper adjustments hotel bookings prior to your visit here.

Rock Art in Norway

If witnessing rock art in Norway is on your to-do list, travel to the most northern city of the world – Alta. The town is famous for its spectacular Northern Lights Cathedral which provides easy access to the Northern lights. But there’s also a hidden gem here: rock carvings.

As per estimates, the town of Alta has over 6000 rock carvings, some of them as old as 5000 years. Amazing! Isn’t it? As reindeer are very common here, most of the rock carvings are that of the same animal. You will also witness carvings of other animals such as beer while human figures are also very common here. Oh, how can I forget to mention rock carvings of longboats similar to the ones used by the mighty Vikings?


Though this region covers almost a fifth of Canada, it remains the least popular tourist destination. Just 38000 people reside here and because of the very same reason, it’s dubbed as barren land. If you want to see polar bears hunting seals, come here for the live action.

As the region remains covered in snow for the most part of the year, you can visit it for kayaking or snowmobiling.

So, mark the dates now and visit these must-see places in the Arctic circle. But if you belong to the list of third-world countries, you’ll require the following documents when submitting the Schengen visa application:

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