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How To Extend The Lifespan Of A Heavy Equipment?

by janeausten

If you are in the construction industry, you should be familiar with the needs of any type of heavy construction equipment. A construction company needs to have some heavy equipment to complete the construction project as they help to make the construction job easier and faster. The equipment owners need to ensure that their machines are in top condition so that they can produce the best results possible. 

Studies have proven that trucks and other heavy machinery are capable of lasting for more than 15 years without any major repairs. However, any misuse can reduce their life span. If you keep neglecting the maintenance of the machine then it will not last longer for sure. The lifespan of heavy equipment can be significantly extended with a series of simple maintenance procedures, including replacing worn-out parts and regular cleaning. When you understand how to extend their lifespan, you will know what options to use when they need maintenance or want to reduce their expenses on repairs.
This article primarily focuses on tips to extend the lifespan of construction equipment.

  1. Keep your equipment lubricated 

All the heavy equipment like a crane or a bulldozer for sale are made of different moving parts and need oiling and lubrication. Keeping your heavy equipment lubricated can make it more productive and progressive. Oiling can be done regularly, or when needed. 

You should oil your machines after each use, or at least every month if possible. This will keep them from wearing out quickly and reduce downtime while they are being repaired or replaced due to wear and tear on their bearings, etc. The oil will help prevent rust, which can lead to breakdowns in the oil system, causing expensive repairs. 

Lubrication not only keeps your machine running smoothly, but it also reduces wear on all moving parts so they don’t break down prematurely. Lubrication helps reduce friction between moving parts which helps extend the life of those parts, as well as reducing wear and tear on them due to friction.

  1. Perform regular inspection

Regular inspection is essential to identify any issue in the machine on time. If you can mark the issue on time then you can fix it timely without making it worsen. Sometimes regular inspection helps you detect the early sign of damage and saves you a lot of money on an expensive repair. Further, timely replacement of the damaged part will keep your equipment safe from any harm. The engine, tires, batteries, and other systems need a proper inspection on daily basis. 

  1. Use genuine parts

When you need to replace any part of the machine, then always choose a genuine piece. It is much better to choose from the same brand as it will be the most perfect fit for your equipment. For example, if you are using a bulldozer for sale from the caterpillar, then always use caterpillar spare parts for your dozer. These genuine and top-quality parts will not even harm the equipment.

Final thoughts

Heavy construction equipment is expensive to purchase and even more challenging to keep maintained. The lifespan of the construction equipment depends on the way you keep it. Normally, it lasts for about 15 years without any major repair, if you use the equipment ethically. Further, you can also extend the lifespan of your equipment by following the above-mentioned tips. 

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